1st Quarter Moon 00º Leo Apr 20-26, 2021

This past New Moon in Aries on April 11 was an invitation to continue courageously exploring into the uncharted territories beckoning in our own lives and psyches. “Go for it!” Is the mantra.

“It’s been hard to ignore the opportunities knocking on my door. It’s been hard to ignore the fear taunting me to stay right where I am and not push beyond my limitations and birth into more of myself. It’s been hard to ignore the Dragons in my mind requiring so much courage to confront. It’s been hard to ignore witnessing my loved ones going through their own rebirthing process. It’s been hard to ignore the call to be more authentic

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, to be more alive.”

Aries energy is all about making something happen, doing it! Aries “lights a fire under your ass!” It’s passion, drive, and courage. So, here we all are, confronting these aspects within our own natures. Easier for some than others.

It’s a time of new beginnings, birthing new identities, and essentially about experiencing a taste of freedom along the way. Freedom – the feeling of having choices , options, opportunities, and new horizons to expand into. The sense of doing what one wants and desires uninhibited with the ability to go for it.

We’ve been in this “Aries Season” for just about a month now, and I feel it’s safe to say we’ve all probably had our fair share right about now of the intensity of this ride we’ve been on!

Thankfully our lives, as does Nature, works within a cyclical rhythm. From one stage and phase to the next, we grow. “This too shall pass.” And there’s nothing that so beautifully depicts this process as powerfully and perfectly as the Zodiac! From one sign to the next, we see the evolution of consciousness unfold and develop. From birth to death and everything in between, it is an ebb and flow of awareness and energy. All we must simply do is try wholeheartedly to live it fully.

So then, what comes after birth and follows grand new beginnings and new directions and connections? INTEGRATION, and GROUNDING into the newfound sense of self and life direction.

Welcome, Taurus! In perfect timing, the Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus on this First Quarter Moon day of April 20.

Not only has the Sun come to Taurus, but Mercury has also joined just days ago. And about a week ago, Venus left Aries and arrived here at one of her own home signs! That is to say, Venus is strong and powerful in Taurus, and we are up for some profound and personal revelations about ourselves and our partnerships this month.

We’ve got what’s called a “Taurus party” as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus travel together throughout the next month or so. With the Sun representing our purpose, Mercury our perspective, and Venus our values all meeting up with the Revolutionary of the Zodiac (peaking on the Full Moon)

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we can expect many of us will be coming out on the other side of this month having discovered much more of ourselves, shed necessary skins of the past, and boldly gone forth in directions we may have previously not dared!

As the saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold.” And this certainly feels like the flavor for this month!

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