Birth Chart Rectification (Time Unknown)


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(This report is for someone who does not know their time of birth)

  • The accuracy of one’s birth time is very important for a full and complete birth chart interpretation.  The time of birth determines the Ascendant (or Rising Sign) of the birth chart, as well as the placement of the planets in the houses.  The Ascendant is the sign that was rising (ie. on the horizon) at the time/place you where born.  The 12 Houses of the birth chart represent different areas of life experience and plays a key role in understanding who is involved in and where and when life events happen.
  • Birthchart rectification is a process where the time of birth is determined by gathering personal life information including specific dates of biographical significance and correlating the celestial events with the earthly events of ones life.   
  • Please include the following information in a separate email to:
1. Your birth date and place including “morning”, “middle of the night”, “before dinner” etc. if that is known.
2.  A photograph of yourself.
3. The exact dates of important life events and experiences, ie: surgeries, accidents, promotions (honors/awards), marriages/divorces,  births/deaths of important relations, moves, etc.
4.  The answers to the following questions:
     a.  What was your childhood experience like?
     b.  Do you have any siblings?
     c.  What was your relationship with your mother, father, or whoever raised you like?
     d.  What was your parents relationship to each other like?
     e.  Did you have any religious conditioning?  If so, what?
     f.   What was the financial situation growing up?
     g.  What has been your primary focus and motivation, or issue ie: career, family, creativity, money, spiritual path, selfesteem?
     h.  What are some deep and/or reoccurring fears/challenges?
     i.  Is there a pattern of attracting a certain type of person and/or situation into your life?  In other words what types of people do you attract?
Once all this information is gathered and processed I will calculate your birthchart with the determined time, and explain to you how and why I came to that determination.


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