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Spring Equinox *The Verse of Our Creation* Shamanic Journey


~New Moon Solar Eclipse – Through the Heart of the Whale~

Following is a guided meditation into the essence of the energies of the current planetary alignments.  Particularly of this peak time in the Natural Seasonal cycle of Nature where the potency of the shift from the end of one season into the beginning of the next can be felt.  The week of (and time surrounding) March 21st 2015 will be a powerful catalyst into great change, new beginnings and powerful birthing experiences.  Read More

The Phases of The Moon

6694439_sNew Moon ~ the New Moon is the beginning and the end. 

It is when the Sun and the Moon are merged together in the same astrological sign (the Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other.)

It is the phase in birth where there is still darkness and the seed of life, consciousness, inspiration, or an idea is in and about to come through the dark incubation period. It is manifested energy but not yet in the fullness of the form it will become.  It is brewing hidden within the environment which originated it waiting for the proper nourishment to support it.  In this seed state of consciousness much of what will come into life is still hidden. It is when there is so much unseen creative potential happening (like the fetus in the womb), yet it is not yet fully exposed (like it will be in the Light of the Full Moon phase) . Read More

Moon Rituals

stargoddessby Jessica & Bradley McKenzie 

The Moon ~

The Moon (like all of the heavenly bodies) is a living breathing Spirit; a Divine Embodiment of the great Cosmic Intelligence.  The vibration of her movement through space reverberates throughout all of the cosmos and within each and every being of this creation breathing life into our world and guiding us in with her magnetic pull towards deepening our own connection with ourselves and Nature.    Read More

Asteroids ~ The Light of our Shadow

The intention of using the Asteroids in an astrological chart interpretation is for the purpose of seeking and discovering greater detail and depth into the psyche of the individual.  They add quality and nuance to the soul dynamic and life experience and if they are found to be very prominently and powerful placed in the birth chart they will reveal very powerful soul aspects and often hidden or unconscious aspects of the individual.  When one has the opportunity to become aware of these unconscious aspects of ones psyche a great offering is availed to become aware of the Shadow, to then come into potential acceptance, leading to profound transformation into the gift of the shadow or the medicine therein; the Power inherent in one’s Shadow. Read More

Goddess Aphrodite & Queen Persephone


Sisters of The Pomegranate

The Goddesses of Vision & The Alchemist of Love

Both Aphrodite and Persephone are linked in their mythologies by the Pomegranate ~ the aphrodisiac fruit of sublime pleasure.  Aphrodite is said to be the mature aspect of Persephone and Persephone the immature shadow of Aphrodite.  Aphrodite is very much of The World and the material pleasures of it. However, she taps into a depth of power, perhaps from the very source of her counterpart ~ Queen of the Underworld – Persephone, to bring forth the inspiration of the muse which powerfully inspires, captivates and enchants all she touches.  This is Aphrodite’s gift; her medicine, to imbue all she looks upon with beauty.  To be in~love with the object of her attention.  Her love is unmistakably felt and trailing about her wherever she goes.  This also is the very poison which leaves a trail of broken hearts in the wake of her return and her own addiction to Love & Beauty can be her own shadow and downfall. Read More

Full Moon in Taurus & The “Light Chasers” ~ November 6, 2014


The Full Moon is like a Sun that shines in the night. Its illumination captures what is in the dark with a soft hue of mystery and reveals to us the darker side of Life, and if you are still enough – the darker side of yourself.

It gives us a veiled look and requires us to peer a little closer if we want a clearer focus, otherwise we are presented with a diffused image and left to play in the shadows of our imagination, filling in the blank spaces ourselves…like when we are children and still innocent to the conditioning and we know not even what “things” are, let alone how to label them. Read More

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