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New Moon In Cancer ~ July 15th 2015

loveearthTouched by the Cancer New Moon here are some thoughts from the abstract watery realms of the Womb – the place of Cancer.

In short Cancer is much about “family” or those that are VERY close to us (in one way or another) and this is certainly a time where the dealings are at its peak with “Family Karma” & “Ancestral Karma”. It is “the bloodlines that bind us” to life it self, whether it be soul mates or kin, these are the people in our lives.  Read More

The Art of Esotericism

 shamaniccrowThe etymology of “esoteric” stems from the Greek root meaning inner or pertaining to the innermost.  The esoteric studies are a path that leads us deep within on a journey of Self-discovery.  From the Starry Cosmos to the rich dark soil of the Earth we are found.  Read More

Summer of Love ~ Venus Retrograde July 26th – September 6th 2015

suculentSummer Solstice just passed (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the magic of mid-summer nights dance before us.  We currently have the magnificent Venus and Jupiter awe-ing us in the night sky, and so much of Fiery Leo energy this Season to keep us all passionately engaged and inspired! Read More

The Mythical Gods & Goddesses of The Zodiac

Following is a list of Feminine and Masculine Archetypes that we can find are powerfully activated and alive in the Human Psyche.  We can see the expressions of them all around us in both their distorted shadow expression as well as their mature wise form.  The “Myths” and their Archetypes are metaphors for Life and they are a living narrative of the human psyche. Read More

Last Quarter Moon ~ April 11th

AmandaClarkThis week we are coming out of the intense and transformational energies of the New and Full Moon Eclipses of this past 3 weeks. Though they are now behind us the powerful lingering essence that is “Change” will still remain to carry us through the next two weeks toward the New Moon and Release is still a major theme now. Read More

First Quarter Moon ~ Half Moon in Cancer – Change –

flybWe are currently at the mid-point; the crossroads between last weeks New Moon, which was also an Eclipse, and next weeks Full Moon, which will also be an Eclipse.

This March/April 2015 marks the twice yearly “Eclipse Season” always separated by 6 months.  Eclipses are grand openings, new beginnings, and where we can observe great releases, endings, and big changes occurring in our lives.  Read More

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