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Mars ~ from Pisces to Aries

Warrior poseFinally coming to Mars, we can see that Mars was the first to join Neptune and Chiron in Pisces on February 3rd and will be the first to leave Pisces on March 12th. Mars has truly been in the expression of the Spiritual Warrior guiding us with motivation and determination to tackle our self-defeating obstacles to health. As well as assisting us with courage to charge through and fight the inner (and outer) battles, Read More

New Moon in Pisces ~ March 11, 2013, Mars in Aries, & Jupiter in the Shadow

angellovePisces IS the Angelic Breath of The Divine, subtly caressing our spirits with the call to return back to Love/God/Goddess.  In Pisces, we learn to still ourselves into the silence, to hear through the multitude of existing dimensions the messages being spoken to our hearts.  It is here that we walk with Spirit and humbly and peacefully go to the rock, the tree, and the animal to receive their wisdom, to become whole and united with the Source of Life. Read More

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 ~ The Peaceful Warrior

budhaOn Tuesday February 26th Venus moves out of Aquarius and joins the party in Pisces! Here the feminine nature of Venus is supported into the soft, receptive, vulnerable qualities of the feminine. When life supports us to be in the strength of those qualities we have the opportunity to receive many unforeseen blessings from that space of gentle surrender. Create nurturing space. Read More

Monday February 25, 2013 ~ Full Moon

gandhiOn February 25, we have the Full Moon in Virgo. Like the One Million Rising Movement for the Liberation and Love for the Feminine, this Moon time is about taking the initiative to stand up and move, to dance even in the awkwardness of uncertainty or discomfort, with conviction to the the Song of the Heart, which is getting loader and loader with each passing day.
To move in rhythm with the heart beat of love, Read More

Full Moon in Virgo ~ February 25, 2013

DivineMasculinWith 6 planets in Pisces (God/unconditional Love), Mars (the masculine) conjunct Mercury (the mind), Sun (the masculine) conjunct Chiron (the Wounded Healer), and Venus at 29 Aquarius (supreme intelligence), with the Moon, the Great Mother Goddess in Virgo (health/healing) opposing it all, we can clearly see the emphasis on the lessons once again, of the healing of the Masculine and Feminine. Read More

New Moon in Aquarius ~ February 9, 2013

 releasebutteflysNew Moon in Aquarius February 9, 2013 

In Aquarius we can find the most supreme and genuine expression of Love.  Through Leo’s free-spirited devotion to the Joy of it, Aquarius steps in to refine that creative act. In Pisces we are permeated with the truth that Love can touch all things. Through our devotion and dedication out of Virgo we come to know Spirit and are touched personally by that Love. Read More

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