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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus ~ May 9, 2013 ~ The Birthing Moon

bountifullgoddessOn May 9th (in the Western Hemisphere), we have arrived to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. It is time to ground – into the rich soil of Your Soul. Root into your Heart and grow from your Heart’s Desire to Love. To manifest, to create, and to support the Life force that is ours as human beings on this planet – Love, for without it, we simply would not exist here. This planet, Mother Earth herself, is Love. That is so evidently clear in the expression of Her phenomenal natural creations. Blossom, bloom and flourish within the Light and nourishment of your own illuminating Spirit. Let your light shine! Science now tells us that the magnetic field of the Heart is the most powerful, and we know that Love heals, and Love moves mountains. Allow the Light of Love within (each of our hearts) to permeate all of life feeding the gardens of all our souls. This is the calling upon the winds of change in these moments. Read More

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ April 25, 2013 ~ The Lovers Moon

ilovemeThe Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio falls on the N. and S. Nodes of the Moon – the karmic past (South) and the evolutionary intention of our Soul (North), positioned exactly at the center point of the “Finger of God” aspect between Jupiter and Mercury. We have with Taurus – emphasizing our “past” identification with single-mindedness, and Scorpio our (collective Destiny) into Union Consciousness. Mars conjunct the Sun – emphasizing the Power and Desire to manifest our Purpose now. Saturn conjunct the Moon -emphasizing the need for commitment and applied effort to going into the Truth and establishing new definitions of consciousness from that place. And, really there is much, much more, all being illuminated by a Full Eclipse Moon! Read More

Lunar Forecast for April 6 ~ 18, 2013 – New Moon in Aries

hooponponoWe are in the last stage of light before She fades, taking with Her all that we have let go of, what has moved on, passed on, dissolved, resolved and Blessed.  This time is defined by: the last days of light in the last sign of the zodiac – Pisces, then the New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac – Aries. Read More

March 31, 2013 ~ 11 11 11 11 11 11 11

receiveOn March 31, 2013, there are 7 planets all hitting the 11 degree point in their respective signs. This powerful configuration of Planets captures the essence of the Master number 11.  This is the energy of the day – that of VISION.

Duality is inborn in the number 11, much like the energies of Pisces with Aries – from out of no-ego is born the Ego.  We have all just come through The Season of the Otherworld – in Pisces, where we dissolved into a sea of personal revelation, and learned about the nature of disillusionment. Ever confronted with our perceptions of Duality. Read More

Vikara ~ Cosmic Synergy Blends

mindmistWelcome Spring Equinox! 

We are happy to announce the launch of the newest Lux Amare line, intentionally co-created with Lux Amare Founder Elizabeth Reynolds and Temples of The Moon Evolutionary Astrologer Jessica Vikara Bourque:
“Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends” Read More

First Quarter Moon ~ March 19, 2013

218122_433085076728236_1269005057_nToday, the Moon and Lilith in Gemini are squaring the Sun and Venus in Pisces. Here we see the Goddesses are stirring it up, wild and free, with desire and curiosity to playfully plunge into the constraints of all these paper shackles that bind us. It seems we “know better” we “know how” and we have all that we need to be true and whole within ourselves, and yet we still fumble around with all our self-denial, self-suppression and self-resistance. Read More

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