2017 ~ A Year of Great Awakening and Inspired Creative Expansion

2017 is a Year of Massive Awakening, Creative Expansion, & Radical Shifts in consciousness within as well as on the forefront of the World Stage. This is the Age of Aquarius. We are in The Revolution.  WE ARE The Revolution. From 2012 ~ 2016 we all experienced the profound power of the “breaking down” energies of the “Uranus Square Pluto transit.” Major Confrontations of Self. Death – and – Rebirth sweeping through every aspect of our lives. Truth Revealed and Redefined. Each moment leads us to the next, essentially preparing us for the next… As we continue the journey on in 2017, we are now being lead powerfully through this next year by the highly inspirational forces of FIRE and AIR setting the main stage.   Come 2018 through the monumental planetary alignments of 2020, we will find ourselves working strongly with the EARTH Element, where we will begin to see Life demanding much more Grounding, Stability, and Commitment to the form of our creations. This is a year that is much like preparation for… Continue reading

13 Moons * 13 Clan Mothers ~ A Healing Quest (Watch Intro. Video)

“The Mother Temple ~ Medicine Lodge * A Red Tent Community” Presents: An Invitation… Join us on an inspiring 13 Moon * Healing Quest through the Astrological Mandala and the Wombdala of the Feminine. Live Monthly Astrological Forecast (conference call) with Jessica Dawn and ‘Womb Wisdom Priestess’ ~ Christiane Anna. “The Healing aspects of Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth, representing all that is beautiful in woman”   ~ Jamie Sams Jessica shares her deep astrological insights and cosmic wisdom to offer practical support for all those desiring to come into greater alignment with the Natual Cycles of the Moon and Cosmos. Christiane Anna shares her profound knowledge of the Wisdom of the Womb to assist all those wishing to tune in deeper and cultivate a powerful & intimate relationship with your own Womb Space – the seat of the heart & soul. Together they are creating sacred space for all those who are wanting to understand the depth and beauty of the Natural Cycles moving through each one of us,  and how we can each be… Continue reading

Full Moon Meditation ~ Video

  All over the World since the beginning of time people have gathered under the Full Moon Light to join in ceremony, ritual, and meditation.  Today there are hundreds of thousands of people who honor this time each month as a day when the energies and light offer a powerfully supportive element to grounding and anchoring powerful intentions and prayers.  When so many people gather at the same time with positive intentions and focus, a massive collective impact can and does occur. Back in 2000 the great Shamaness and Author of many books on Shamanism: Sandra Ingerman, initiated a monthly Full Moon Meditation which she called the “Web of Light.”  Still today she has continued each month to support this collective gathering and intention with many people joining in.  Read here for more. Please join in meditation under the Full Moon, from where ever you are, to create this powerful ‘Web of Light’ and let us witness together the healing and unity that continues to build in our world! The general intention put forth by this… Continue reading

Moon Diary * ~ Celebrating Pisces, February 2018

As above so below.  Go With The Flow! We have entered the Season of Pisces. February 19th – March 20th It is the last sign of the Zodiac and it is the end of the Astrological Year. Soon the Spring Equinox (on March 20th) will usher us into the “New Year”, where we begin again our evolutionary journey through consciousness at the beginning, with Aries initiating us through the fresh, impulsive, instinctual, actively engaged, Firey energies.   Like a new baby, life is born again. For now, over the next few weeks, the Sun and many Planets are all convening in Watery Pisces, the sign of high emotional sensitivities and psychic receptivities.  It is like the Womb of Creation, where we are floating in the depths of the Sea of Potential and Infinite Possibilities awaiting to burst forth into the manifested creation. As we are presently in the Waxing Moon Phase, building up to this Full Moon (on March 1st), which is inherently a stage of growth and creation, you are supported now in Pisces to actively… Continue reading

#20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

As an entrepreneur and founder of an online business – the world of social media is part of the game.  Connecting ourselves with a social network is how our business works.  There are over 7 billion people in the world and more than 3 million of them are online!  That’s an amazing source of connection available to us and an incredible opportunity to expand our family of friends, clients and mentors.  The world is truly in the palm of our hands these days with access to just about anything we can think of in the click of a button. Yes, it can be a great big distraction and an “ego addiction” for many, not to mention all the wi-fi lines covering the planet, that we are all swimming through all the time.  However, this is the new millennium, and with it we have also been granted information on advanced methods for healing and protecting ourselves, how to activate higher vibrations to live by, and through the internet – an accelerated process of awakening and awareness… Continue reading

Releasing with Compassion ~ March Eclipses

Not only are we just in time for Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) but we are in what’s called “The Eclipse Season.”  Currently at this half-moon phase we are smack in the middle of two powerful Eclipses!  Im sure your feeling the major shifts erupting thorough out your own life, and the surges of peaking intensity showing up in your experiences.  One of the best ways to cope in times of major chaos and change is to take some time to clear space!  It’s amazing how quickly the mind can clear and creativity can return, with just a little tidying up around your home.  And if your looking to raise the vibrations of your space even more there are many simple and easy ways to bring in the inspiration and a new fresh look on life!  Try spritzing your home with a spray bottle of water with a few drops of essential oil in it.  It brings an immediate fresh and enhanced quality to the air. Open the windows (if they are usually shut).  This… Continue reading