New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ July 12th

Currently, we are in the last three days of the Dark Phase of the Moon.  Just days before the New Moon, the light is fading ever more each day and into the darkest hour, we near closer. ~ From the Compost Phase to the New Seed Phase ~   “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” ~  Edgar Allan Poe   The “Darkest Hour” conjures many ideas in each our own perception, but here in the image of Luna herself, it is an invitation to release; to clear space for the new that IS COMING. Crossing the Threshold  Eclipses are like a portal that we step into or through and instantly we have arrived. But as with all cycles, there is a process in getting there; the steps we take, what must be faced, the actions required, etc. Eclipses occur every six months and during that “Eclipse Season” it is like a catalyst moment in time where each of our own most… Continue reading

“Half Moon” ~ Last Quarter Moon, Adjustment & Release, June 6th

Photo by: Giulia Bertelli

This week we come to the “crossroads” point along the path of our own personal journey.  The Half Moon is always a meeting at the threshold point of inevitable “adjustment” where we come mid-way once again.

This week’s “mid-point” is the time between the Waning Full Moon and the upcoming New Moon ~ Eclipse.   We are coming down from the peak of the Full Light of the Full Moon and will soon be entering (next week) the final stage of this current Lunar Cycle.  The stage of Death & Renewal in the natural cycle that comes in the wake of the New Moon.

We are all feeling the power of these waning currents as the impending three Eclipses, promise to usher in a World of Change for all of us.

Full Moon in Capricorn ~ June 27th

The majestic glow of the Full Moon has a way of pulling us outwards, but even for just a moment, to catch a glimpse and bask in the Lunar magnetism and Mystery.   Like the feminine essence itself, we are drawn to it,  compelled by the depth and beauty of it. However, in this Capricorn Full Moon Time, in the Season of Cancer, we are being called particularly to go INward.   Saturn, the Grand Elder, Sage, and Hermit of the Zodiac; Teacher of Mastery, stands in the exact position as the Moon.  They have come to the same place within the 360-degree journey around the Zodiac and now with the Moon in her Full Phase, their counsel is being illuminated. Picture the Great Grandmother and the Great Grandfather standing hand in hand in all their pearly wisdom! The message is about success, accomplishment, achievement, and the course of personal victory.  What does it take to experience it; to know it? To Live Life Fully and in connection with what is most meaningful to us? We are all… Continue reading

The Weekend of June 22nd – 24th

This weekend the Moon is in the heavy & deep sign of Scorpio.  The nature of Scorpio is to alchemize and to journey through the Deep Mystery.   With the Sun, now in the watery realms of Cancer, and this weekend’s Moon in Scorpio making a “square” aspect to not only both Venus and Mars, but also the “Destiny” oriented – North Node of the Moon and the “Karmic Suitcase” – the South Node of the Moon, we can surely expect some major confrontations with SELF, our limitations, where we may feel “stuck” and what seriously needs to be released. What longs to be welcomed home in Your Heart?

Mars opposite Venus ~ June 17th – 23rd

“We are currently experiencing a “tug of war” on the heart with Mars and Venus in opposition during the full week of the Summer Solstice, July 17th – 23rd.

With Mars opposite Venus, we are asked – What is it in your most intimate relationships that need to be balanced or rebalanced?

It is a “peak” moment in the cycle of “our relationships and desires,” where duality and opposite motivations stand face to face (or possibly hand in hand) to be met with.

Polar opposites are being revealed, and imbalances are being exposed to gain perspective of all sides and to initiate us to take action to create the necessary harmony within and without.”

Mars Retrograde ~ beginning June 26 through October 10th

Mars typically travels through a sign in about seven weeks, giving us that much time to navigate “the impulse to act” within the expression of whatever the given sign it is in (or whatever house it is in our own charts). So, when in Retrograde (slowing down and moving backward – every two years) it will stay in one area for nearly six months.   How that translates into our life experience looks a lot like ~ the Universe is playing with the pause button on the level of our motivations to act and to respond outwardly to life, particularly within the frame of the sign it is in. In this case, we are talking about Aquarius (with a month back into Capricorn).  With the emphasis on these two signs, there is a lot going on around readdressing how we have been focused in life, what kind of foundations and “structures of reality” have we been creating, and what needs to change (or perhaps be demolished) as we go forward? Many walls are tumbling down… Continue reading