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2017 ~ A Year of Great Awakening and Inspired Creative Expansion

2017 is a Year of Massive Awakening, Creative Expansion, & Radical Shifts in consciousness within as well as on the forefront of the World Stage.

This is the Age of Aquarius.

We are in The Revolution.  WE ARE The Revolution.

From 2012 ~ 2016 we all experienced the profound power of the “breaking down” energies of the “Uranus Square Pluto transit.”
  • Major Confrontations of Self.
  • Death – and – Rebirth sweeping through every aspect of our lives.
  • Truth Revealed and Redefined.

Each moment leads us to the next, essentially preparing us for the next…

As we continue the journey on in 2017, we are now being lead powerfully through this next year by the highly inspirational forces of FIRE and AIR setting the main stage.   Read More

Moon Diary * ~ Celebrating Pisces, February 2018

When you begin to live in harmony with the Cosmic Cycles, or simply the Moon Cycle – you quickly begin to observe that your own personal life ‘phases’ are not separate, but in fact flowing synchronically with the very rhythm of Nature herself.
Being aware of the 4 Phases of the Moon Cycle is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to recognize your own personal ‘Rites of Passage’ playing out in the current phase of your own life.
When we tune into the cosmic guidance and the cycles of nature we have the opportunity to come into greater alignment within ourselves and in connection with the whole of life.

As above so below.  Go With The Flow!

We have entered the Season of Pisces.

February 19th – March 20th

It is the last sign of the Zodiac and it is the end of the Astrological Year.

Soon the Spring Equinox (on March 20th) will usher us into the “New Year”, where we begin again our evolutionary journey through consciousness at the beginning, with Aries initiating us through the fresh, impulsive, instinctual, actively engaged, Firey energies.   Like a new baby, life is born again. Read More

The Rebel Moon ~ Full Moon in Aquarius

In genuine Aquarius fashion I feel compelled to burst the bubble of hype around the not so phenomenal occurrence of the “Blue Moon”.  Which simply refers to the occurrence of two full moons in one month.  It is rare as in – it only occurs about every three years or so, but the only reason it is noticed with a meaning at all in our society is because we have agreed with an idea that it is something of a “special” occurrence.  Another perspective, which is what I cant help to see, is that the only reason we have “two Full Moons in one month” is because we are using and basing our calendar of time on an artificially constructed pattern that was actually designed to pull us out of natural “time” and the natural cycles of nature. Read More

“What is Astrology?” ~ Video

In this video I attempt to tackle one of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and demonised practises out there – ASTROLOGY.  What is it? and How does it work? I cant say I actually completely succeeded in answering those age old mystery questions, however here I share what my perspective and understanding is. Read More

New Moon In Cancer ~ July 15th 2015

loveearthTouched by the Cancer New Moon here are some thoughts from the abstract watery realms of the Womb – the place of Cancer.

In short Cancer is much about “family” or those that are VERY close to us (in one way or another) and this is certainly a time where the dealings are at its peak with “Family Karma” & “Ancestral Karma”. It is “the bloodlines that bind us” to life it self, whether it be soul mates or kin, these are the people in our lives.  Read More

The Mythical Gods & Goddesses of The Zodiac

Following is a list of Feminine and Masculine Archetypes that we can find are powerfully activated and alive in the Human Psyche.  We can see the expressions of them all around us in both their distorted shadow expression as well as their mature wise form.  The “Myths” and their Archetypes are metaphors for Life and they are a living narrative of the human psyche. Read More

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