Moon Diary * ~ Celebrating Pisces, February 2018

When you begin to live in harmony with the Cosmic Cycles, or simply the Moon Cycle – you quickly begin to observe that your own personal life ‘phases’ are not separate, but in fact flowing synchronically with the very rhythm of Nature herself.
Being aware of the 4 Phases of the Moon Cycle is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to recognize your own personal ‘Rites of Passage’ playing out in the current phase of your own life.
When we tune into the cosmic guidance and the cycles of nature we have the opportunity to come into greater alignment within ourselves and in connection with the whole of life.

As above so below.  Go With The Flow!

We have entered the Season of Pisces.

February 19th – March 20th

It is the last sign of the Zodiac and it is the end of the Astrological Year.

Soon the Spring Equinox (on March 20th) will usher us into the “New Year”, where we begin again our evolutionary journey through consciousness at the beginning, with Aries initiating us through the fresh, impulsive, instinctual, actively engaged, Firey energies.   Like a new baby, life is born again.

For now, over the next few weeks, the Sun and many Planets are all convening in Watery Pisces, the sign of high emotional sensitivities and psychic receptivities.  It is like the Womb of Creation, where we are floating in the depths of the Sea of Potential and Infinite Possibilities awaiting to burst forth into the manifested creation.

As we are presently in the Waxing Moon Phase, building up to this Full Moon (on March 1st), which is inherently a stage of growth and creation, you are supported now in Pisces to actively focus on what needs to be cleared and released from your life, and where you feel you need support, guidance, and help.

We are magnificently created – with twenty-six bones in each of our hands which gives us a mechanical dexterity that the greatest engineers have yet to be able to duplicate.  A small wonder compared to the many miraculous creations of our existence, like Birth, Death, and the countless unexplainable natural phenomena of this World.   It is a miracle that we are alive and that we experience, with incredible perceptive abilities, All That Is!

Pisces reminds us of the necessity and the power of Forgiveness and Compassion in a World where our minds are free to think and create at will and where the Heart and the Soul have been under siege and are deeply longing to be embraced.

Pisces is the last stage of the Zodiac ~ the Wheel of Evolving Consciousness.  It is where we enter the stage of Release and Surrender in preparation for the inevitable new beginning.  Pisces deals powerfully with the “unseen”, but none the less FELT.

We are being asked to be present with our Vulnerability.

To enter the Field of Prayer.

To surrender.  To Let Go and to Open to Being Held.

To acknowledge our need for HELP and Support in life.

Here are an acronym and a prayer by Angela Montano that beautifully offers an acknowledgment that you are worthy of support and are open to receive in miraculous ways.





“I allow my life to be Held


A Love that is greater than my own thinking.

I open to this Love now.”


Blessings on your journey in Vulnerability.


January 31st, ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ February 15th New Moon Solar Eclipse

2018 begins with a powerful initiation towards Change with two Eclipses supporting us to break through the “holding patterns”, Release (the past), and step courageously into the Unknown


On January 31st, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and on February 15th a New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses have a way of amplifying the already potent energy of the NEW and FULL Moons, which symbolically represent peaks of energy, beginnings, endings, & celebrations.

How this translates into our own lives can be observed by a surging intensity around the deeper issues within our own lives.

Our patterns can reach a peak of expression,  our core issues can surface with  (what feels to be) a vengeance, and the need to recognize and acknowledge the necessity for Change can come on stronger than ever.
Determining how these Moons fall in your own chart will help to shed light on what areas of your life may be most affected by the shifts at this time.

Both the Full and New Moon Eclipses occur in the Signs of Leo and Aquarius.  This is the Axis of Creativity and Expression.

It’s about the personal individual self-expression (in Leo), in reflection to the collective co-creative expression (in Aquarius).

The Moons here in these signs are enlivening and energizing these qualities in all of us ~ Personal Expression and Co-Creation.  How are You doing it? 

The focus is on how we are personally showing up in our own individual expression and how this affects others, the community, the collective, and the whole of life.

Looking at the World Stage, it is clear that this is a very important area to be paying attention to!  It’s time.

2018 is a year that emphasizes Integrity and Authenticity.  We must all do what we can to move into alignment with these important ways of being.  It is becoming clearer that nothing can stay hidden for very long anymore.  The next years ahead of us are very much about “full disclosure”, as we can see now that we are already clearly experiencing this.

So, with these next Full and New Moons, may we all embrace the opportunities at hand to see more clearly, to reflect on the information we are receiving with all that is being revealed, and to have the strength and courage to express ourselves from our hearts in integrity for all of life.  

Be the Change.  

May 3rd, 2017 ~ Half Moon ~ 

We have come now halfway between the New Moon and the upcoming Full Moon (next Wednesday).
It’s now First Quarter Half Moon. Light is waxing ~
G R O W I N G, we are.

We are in the Taurus Moon Cycle ~ Earth – Grounded – Sensual energy.

The Body, Money, our Resources, Our worth and value, S E L F W O R T H. These are our Teachers now.

******* ) ( ******

Mercury Retrograde turns Direct TODAY.
Venus Retrograde turned Direct a couple weeks ago. Things are going to start to feel much more in a forward direction in our own lives.

After May 20th we will be clear out of the “shadow” of both Venus and Mercury.

This is the time when our decisions with our plans and relationships will be much more clear and we will be able to receive and hear with much more clarity, the direct knowing from within ourselves of what’s next in each our lives.


STAY OPEN! This week we are currently closing out an 18-year cycle and beginning the next 18-month LUNAR NODE CYCLE.
May 10th’s Scorpio Full Moon will usher in the beginning of a powerful LEO themed 18-month adventure!

It’s an opportunity for all of us to get deeper in contact with our JOY, OUR CREATIVITY, OUR FUN, OUR LIGHT, OUR LOVE, AND OUR OWN PERSONAL EXPRESSION.

To C E L E B R A T E ourselves and this life experience!

******* ) ( ******

For those of you who are journeying on the “13 Clan Mothers – Healing Quest” with us, we are currently walking with ~


The Taurus Moon ~ She is the Lover, the Sensualist, and the Artist – She speaks clearly from her grounded core –

“I AM in touch with my Senses.”

She liberates herself from the burden basket of others and dwells peacefully in the silence of her own company.

She designs a world based on the strength, the truth, and the beauty of her own personal values.

She protects what belongs to her, with her heart.

She dances out her sorrows, barefoot.

And, dances in her Joy with palms up to the Starry Night.

She is in touch with Nature.

April 10th, Full Moon 

Blessings on this most powerful Libra Full Moon time!

Four Planets in Retrograde during April ~ “A reset” ~ We are being asked to go back. Reenter the Garden of your life and take a good look at what seeds you have planted, and how you have, or have not, tended to the growth.

How has your Garden grown?

In the fullest Light of Libra, she teaches us to Walk Gracefully into the challenges and extreme imbalances of our lives.
To cultivate the Neutral Mind and gain perspective from a centered place of neutrality. Release attachments, release judgment, release “Truths” that are conditions of the mind, let go of the identities that are limitations to the truth of your infinite nature.
In this way, harmony can be reclaimed and we can live once again IN BALANCE with our true nature, and in balance with Nature herself.
This Venus Retrograde Cycle has been a dance with some of our deepest wounds. As she returns to join hands once again with Chiron ~ the Wounded Healer, during this Full Moon time, we are given the opportunity to make peace with our past. Make peace with ourselves and others. To face our wounds. To heal. And to – Self Care & Self Love – this is the only way.
Living by, and as an example is the only way to the healing of our World.

Those of us journeying together on the “13 Moon * 13 Clan Mothers – Healing Quest”,
have been taking up the Medicine of Clan Mother ~ “WALKS TALL WOMAN”.

As we move with the Aries Moon Cycle, which began two weeks ago on the New Moon.
“She teaches us about magnetism and how to use authority and will properly, how to lead through example, how to change life’s situations by taking action ourselves, not depending on others to do it for us.
She teaches us how to be proud of our accomplishments through self-esteem, not self-importance, that the more we refine our skills, the happier we are with ourselves.
ACTIONS ALWAYS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. We are living examples of our philosophies, we are walking our personal truths.
WALKS TALL WOMAN is the Guardian of Leadership and Keeper of New Pathways. She shows the power of being our personal best and the importance of innovation. The Mother of Innovation.

~ This type of innovation does not destroy the Traditions of the past but rather adds new truths to those Traditions, giving the ancient ways of the Ancestors new growth potential. ~

She is the Mother of Perseverance and Stamina, who teaches us the value of Health, the needs of our physical bodies and use of exercise to be strong, our ability to be graceful and find the point of gravity in the human form. We must be flexible enough to allow others to follow their paths.
We must be willing to drop our fears of taking action. Leading through example by being personally responsible in thought, action, and deed is the way we find the Medicine of Walking Our Talk.”

We are in the three days of the Full Moon. This is a time to RECEIVE. The Light is potent. It moves in us and through us. Be open to the messages of guidance available to you. Be receptive to your own inner guidance that is your most powerful tool and voice of your own.
Allow the essence of the Divine Grand-Mother Moon Light to penetrate and fill you like you are one and the same.

We are one and the same.

Soon the Waning Moon will take it’s course and lead us once again into the Release Phase, and preparation for new seeds, yet Unknown, to birth through the darkness.
For now . . . embrace it all.

FullSizeRender (38)May 4th, 2016 ~ New Moon in Taurus (May 6th)

~ The Three Days of The Dark Moon ~

The first day of the three days of the Dark Moon is actually the last day of the current cycle – the day before the New Moon

  • On the last day of the Lunar Cycle (May 5th), we are in the complete release

The 28-day ‘cycle of consciousness’ is now coming to a close.  The last sliver of light that remains will soon fade as total darkness consumes the night. 

The light of the Moon is like a symbol of our own consciousness and as the last light disappears, we too are releasing our awareness into the void of darkness ~ the unknown. 

This day is about – letting fall away what needs to go. 

  • Remember, whatever you decide to continue to hold on to will be carried into the next phase and essentially add to the ‘pot of ingredients’ that flavors your life. 
  • This day is a good day to let go of habits, behaviors, relationships, etc that you know do not serve you – to begin with, a clear slate tomorrow. 

Giving thanks and saying “fare thee well” with appreciation, is the best way to go!  Acknowledging – all those lessons, experiences, and awareness, came like a blessing to guide you forward. 

~ What follows is an incubation time into a fresh new phase, on the New Moon day (May 6th).  Like a seed, we rest beneath a sheath of darkness awaiting the moment to burst forth and become our potential.  Soon the light will pull us there…

“Will I grow into the Oak Tree I am meant to be”? 

  • What will come out of the darkness is what is discovered in the unknown – over these next few days and weeks.  Questions will become answers and questing will become fulfillment… 

The period of total darkness of the New Moon (before the crescent light) is where seeds are planted (some on a very unconscious level) too soon sprout and be seen and nourished by the light, as the days pass.

~ On the third day of the Dark Moon – the day after the New Moon, we can begin to see the first sliver of the new light dawning. 

  • As we continue to plant the seeds for the theme of this cycle, we can (if we choose) start to harness in on the supportive active energy of ‘growth’ – energy moving forward. 

We have entered the phase of the initiative impulse to create and to build.  Nourishing the soil of your dreams and intentions will feed the life of all you are. 

Like the beautiful Oak Forest teaches us- you like the acorn already are so complete in all your potential. 

There is a powerful Taurus energy now guiding us deeper into our own core of inner resources and our capacity to support our own selves with all the love and beauty we desire. 

Taurus ask us to:

Find the love within.  Find the serenity and peace within.  Find the way within. Be it.

And then share it. 

Blessings on your way. 

FullSizeRender (37)April 25th, 2016 * Waning Moon – Half Moon, + Mercury goes Retrograde

This week sets us off in the phase of the Waning Moon.  After the full light: the Full Moon begins to shed a little more each day.  So is the process within each of us. 

The spark in us that ignited around this past New Moon had its course into a flaming light, and now soon ashes will take over…

The 3 days of the Full Moon brings a peak; a climax – and then the release follows. 

Here we are.

What in you came to a pinnacle point?  Can you now feel the shift?

Now we are in – the shifting energy – from out of growth, to bursting full light over the past two weeks, into the fading of light towards eventual total renewal at the New Moon.  This is the course.

But, New Moon is still 11 days from now. 

For now, it’s a gradual process.  Each day we let go of a little more. 

Until piece by piece, we are “new” again. 

The New Moon seeks to renew our spirit and liberate our consciousness into fresh awareness. 

The Waning Moon (now) leads us there, preparing us with introspection, and rather than the power to ‘create’ like the waxing growing moon, the waning moon – gives the power to DISMANTLE. 

Our own consciousness is seeking to shed and release what is necessary at this point of our transition through time.  It’s simply the nature of the cycle.  Look up to the sky and you will see.

Throughout this week as we head towards the Waning Half-Moon on the 29th, it’s a good time to go with the flow of energy and allow what needs to fall away – fall.  Scattered parts of yesterday is how the picture is supposed to look…dismantling can get a bit messy.  Just watch your step and take your time – is the message. 

And listen for the ‘inner voice’.  This coming weekend Mercury will go Retrograde and that inner calling is about to get much louder for the following six weeks.

Mercury slowing down in the introspective sign of Taurus is a powerful time of getting in touch with deep personal needs and powerful inner resources. 

We’re nearing the time of the next New Moon in Taurus, where solitude and your own inner world will be the perfect sanctuary of support to find your peace and strength to begin again… 

For now, embrace the feedback coming to you from the outside.  From friends, family, signs and The Universe.  It’s very likely it’s one of those very ‘messages’ that will be the direct source leading you eventually into that ‘inner sanctuary’ I spoke of earlier. 

That place within awaits and without a doubt you will be guided.  Blessings on your path. 


April 22, 2016, ~ Full Moon

Ah, the beauty of the Full Moon, that which illuminates the dark ~ The Scorpio Moon is upon us. 

“Death Moon” or shall we say:  “Renewal”? 

Two weeks ago we were set free from the intense eclipse month of March, and now we are mid-way through this new cycle.

New seeds were planted, new intention, dreams, and hopes initiated.  We all participated in such a huge clearing through March, and we have stepped powerfully forward over these past weeks.  However, there is still much of the past that needs to be reckoned with. 

Mars has joined Saturn in their Retrograde cycles, and together the two partnering up like this make for a whole lot of self-reflection and inner contemplation.  As well as, a bit of a slower pace than some of us might like. 

It’s like the Universe has her finger playing with the ‘pause’ button… so the next few months may feel a bit like “two steps forward one step back”. 

Times of contemplation raise questions.    What do you truly desire?  What do you want?  What stands in your way?  What do you need to do to come closer to creating your dreams?

The next couple months will strongly support the answers coming through – IF you take the time to ask…

Facing “Karma” is a big one on the table right now and we’re being given – let’s call it “a 2nd chance” to make amends and to make “right” within and without. 

Let’s face it: we are all like children in this School of Life.

Thankfully, there is this perfect design in operation, and as it is, we’ve now entered “the Grace Period”.  A time where we get to go back and reset some stones we may have carelessly kicked over along the way.   

In the end, no-matter what we may think we can ‘get away with’ in life,  it’s “our souls that cannot be compromised”.

During this week we also have Venus joining up with Uranus for their yearly rendezvous.  This is ‘Love & Partnership’ spending a week with the ‘Rebel Fighter for individual rights’. 

Expect your intimate relationships to take a revolutionary leap in a progressive and “true” direction.  Or another potential is a complete break from the existing conditions. 

Separation from “The Known” is the basic theme being played out between them and within our own relationships ~  all in the name of Love.

Bask in the Light and Let’s keep it ~ All in the name of Love. 

 April 15th, 2016 Waxing Half~Moon

FullSizeRender (33)We are currently 8 days out from the New Moon where a ‘new beginning’ was seeded and the light was sparked once again out of darkness.  New consciousness, new awareness, new projects or fresh direction in life was initiated and continues to grow with the increasing light as we get nearer to the Full Moon.  What was birthed in your life? 

At the half~moon time, we are asked to reassess our current situation and make adjustments where necessary.   It is the mid-point between the New and Full Moon.   With the Waxing Moon, the rhythm of the cycle is a time of ‘action‘.  


  1. create
  2. build
  3. and work – towards the ‘peak of light’  

Utilize all the creative energy and inspiration you can muster at this time! 

After the Full Moon, we enter the ‘releasing stage.’  There we are supported to put more energy into ‘letting go.’   For now – this two week period is all about being in the creative flow and building…

Half-Moons can often reveal a ‘crisis’ in the way you are handling your current affairs.  The waxing half~moon is a ‘crisis in action.’ Something or some way you are doing things may need to be adjusted.  Are you being confronted in some way to adjust how you’re currently acting or being?

“Harvest Time” at the Full Moon is one week from now.  At that time we ‘reap what we have sown.’

Pay close attention to how well you are tending to your garden (or not) and nurturing those little new sprouts that came forth through this past New Moon time, a week ago.

Feed your light within and watch it grow and shine forth! 

Last Quarter Moon ~ April 11th

AmandaClarkThis week we are coming out of the intense and transformational energies of the New and Full Moon Eclipses of this past 3 weeks. Though they are now behind us the powerful lingering essence that is “Change” will still remain to carry us through the next two weeks toward the New Moon and Release is still a major theme now.

Many will see by the New Moon in two weeks time, a BIG part of their past now more completely behind them and a whole new chapter of life calling forth.

March and April have ushered in major transitions characterizing major turning points in all our lives.  So many of us over these past few weeks have confronted, resolved, and evolved many deep and personal obstacles and mountains that have been on our path for some time now (if not “life times”). 

This time has been much about reaching The Peak point, for some “the breaking point” and for others where the shift was now ripe to happen. Now there is a cleaner slate and for many a whole new horizon before them! 

Really this is nothing new.  For years now we have been asked to “Change” on many levels and this time now has been a concentrated time of this lesson. For some effecting very crucial and specific areas of our lives ~ no resistance could keep the dam from breaking through to those places inside us (and in our lives) that needed to be washed away and freed from the preexisting boundaries and limitations. For many the experience has been a necessary Purification, a Rite of Passage, a Ceremony and a Celebration of letting go and the birth of a new life (which will be more and more revealed as time goes by.) 

We must evolve and change WILL happen.  It is really up to us to raise the quality of how we participate and allow this process to live itself out… 

This week we have the last quarter moon on the 11th in Capricorn – the light is waning.  It is a time to assess the letting-go process and all that has been and is being released of the past.   To readjust if necessary before the time begins again (on the New Moon) where the past will be behind us and we will be asked to focus on the present and our future intentions. 

But for now we are still here in this space of “the cross-roads” and this place is the perfect most supportive space to nurture us in all that we have been through and all that we are becoming

Jupiter turns direct this week after its four months retrograde phase.  Once again it is a time to celebrate what you can of your life, create, express, and Love from whichever point you stand! 

Leo is about being ALIVE and in Jupiter it does it BIG. 

Enjoy Life for all it is worth to you and feel the Love….

First Quarter Moon ~ Half Moon in Cancer – Change –

flybWe are currently at the mid-point; the crossroads between last weeks New Moon, which was also an Eclipse, and next weeks Full Moon, which will also be an Eclipse.

This March/April 2015 marks the twice yearly “Eclipse Season” always separated by 6 months.  Eclipses are grand openings, new beginnings, and where we can observe great releases, endings, and big changes occurring in our lives. 

This is where we are now and this particular New Moon/Full Moon time is particularly potent and powerful in regards to ushering in powerful new life changing events, circumstances and shifts, as Im sure we can all observe in our own lives and all around us. 

The event that we are building up to of the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse on April 4th involves and alignment of planets in a Grand Cross made up of the four cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. 

These are the “initiators” of new beginnings, the “game starters” and really the “back bone” of what its about to be a “human being”.  These four archetypes are essentially about the “Me – You” dynamic and the “inner world – outer world” dynamic. This is the heart beat of what pumps the life blood through the system of all our lives, in some way, shape or form unique to each of us.

So the major transformations underway for all of us are involving the real heart of the matter issues, the core desires, needs and wants for our lives, the roots of where we come from and where we want to go. 

It has much to do with looking at and into how we have constructed our lives up to this point and how well that has served and nurtured ourselves, our relationships, and our environment – inner and outer.  And now what adjustments need to be made and where do we need to take ourselves to come into a greater sense of nurturing, support and alignment with what we truly feel we are here living for? 

These are the questions of the hour now. 

At the first quarter Moon (which is tomorrow on March 27th) we are always asked to look to where potential adjustment towards the initial “goal” or intention set around the New Moon time (one week ago) can be made.  What actions need to be taken to further or initiate progress or forward momentum towards your desires or creative projects? 

This is the phase where the Light is growing and we are in the opportunity now to feed into and enrich the growth of our lives with our creative participation, inspiration and devotion as we build into the energies of the Fullness of the Light ~ of the soon coming Full Moon. 

Remembering to breathe with this great breath of Life we are in is one of the easiest and most supportive ways to be in the flow of creativity, inspiration, nurturing and healing…

~ with love


Spring Equinox *The Verse of Our Creation* Shamanic Journey


~New Moon Solar Eclipse – Through the Heart of the Whale~

Following is a guided meditation into the essence of the energies of the current planetary alignments.  Particularly of this peak time in the Natural Seasonal cycle of Nature where the potency of the shift from the end of one season into the beginning of the next can be felt.  The week of (and time surrounding) March 21st 2015 will be a powerful catalyst into great change, new beginnings and powerful birthing experiences. 

It is in the Northern Hemisphere the Spring Equinox ~ which marks the beginning of the Zodiacal Calendar – zero degrees of Aries; the first of the zodiac signs representing birth or the new seed.  It is the true New Years Eve!

Also this date is aligned with a New Moon as well as a Total Solar Eclipse.  This translates into some very powerful energies of influence available to be harnessed into our own creative projects, intentions, and desires.  It is a time where a great energy abounds and supports to go forth and forward into your dreams; for your life and this world. 

Aries and Pisces are very strong influences ushering in the Arian Warrior essence of Courage, Will, Determination and Personal Power.  Joined by the compassionate force of Pisces which is about Unity Consciousness focused on the interconnectedness of all life and the Heart and Intelligence that unites us all. 

With the New Moon in Pisces and the Sun entering Aries there is a very “Fiery” – inspirational energy present along with the very emotional essence of Water. We also have Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus all in Fire signs ~ Sagittarius, Leo & Aries, creating a Grand Trine in Fire amping up the creative, initiative juices within and stirring our desire to move and create BIG and New.  With Pluto holding it down in the powerfully grounded sign of Capricorn we are being given Roots (or at least asked to grow some now) to keep us earthed and give some structure and form to all the creative energies. 

All in all its an incredible time of Building, Birthing, and Creating a New World within and without…

(If you would like to have a fuller experience along with the audio version of this journey we invite you to sit with a bowl of water as a symbolic tool to deepen the journey experience. Also listening with headphones can improve the sound quality.)

(Click below to listen to the Recorded Audio version of the

Shamanic Journey Meditation-with Bradley McKenzie)

A Guided Shamanic Journey into the essence of the Spring Equinox 

We begin by entering A Dark Wood . . . feeling our feet upon the Earth . . feeling the coolness and the moistness of the soil . . as we walk . . we pass through small patches where the Sun Shines bright and we can feel how the heat has warmed the soil and the warmth enters our body . . . .
And Light awakens within us . . .
We begin to see up ahead on the earth a very dark reflected light . . as we come closer we can see that it is a large bowl filled with water.
The water is dark like onyx and we cannot tell through the water if the bowl has a bottom . 
Our attention for a moment is taken upward as we begin to hear all the sounds of the forest becoming VERY loud as if like a symphony is at play . . .  and we are called into the presence of The Owl . . .
We begin to hear the voice of Spirit through the Owl guiding us to enter into the body of water . . . beyond all reason we know and trust that this is an opening, a doorway that we have been waiting for that will take us to the other side of the unknown . . .
where there are messages to the questions still unanswered . . .
We suddenly feel a great wind come and lift us up . . and the electricity of this wind moves through our legs and body like a great electric pulse . . lifting us to stand tall in great power as we move with deep courage to jump . . into this dark portal . . opening us to The Heart of Ourselves . . . . . 
We jump . . . and immediately we are in the deep blue sea of our Earth and we are the Whale . . . . . 
We are the body of this great being . . . gracefully and effortlessly moving through the watery depths of existence. 
So Grand, Ancient and Wise. . . Containing the records of All Time . . . we are Re-Membered . . . of the Interconnectedness of Life, the Profound Intelligence of the Heart, and the Deep Compassion that is there . . .
And the Great and beautiful Song that resounds from within it . . .   
As the Whale we begin to sing our song . . . and feel this great vibration of the heart radiating with such a magnificent power and grace throughout our entire being . . .  and out into the Sea that surrounds us . . touching upon all The Shores of the Earth. 
Soon we begin to see the other whales we have been calling to
as we all come together in unity of song . . . . . 
Suddenly you as The Whale sense a small being up head has entered the Sea where the Sun shines a great beam of light through the top of the waters . . . 
It is a human and it is you in your human form . . .
You are the Whale now meeting with your Human Self in the Great Sea of Creation . . .
You as the Whale go with great Love and Compassion to look from out of a most Mystical, Peaceful and Loving Whale eye . . .  into the beautiful human eye of yourSelf . . .
 As the two eyes meet there is a great Love exchanged . . . . .
and through this deep honouring and adoration in The Mysterious Spirit of Life
a great awakening and activation of the coded knowing within
of who we are
spreads throughout the Sea . .  that we humans hold within our hearts the heart of the Whale, the Heart of the Owl, the Heart of The Lion, the Heart of the Buffalo, the Heart of the Crow, and ALL the Animal Beings carrying the Heart of Great Spirit through this Passage of Life . . .   
WhaleAngelA great Joy comes over you as The Whale . . . and you begin to push with great power through the liquid light to plunge your mighty self out through the surface of the water in a great ecstatic leap . . .  piercing through the dimensions of Sea and Sky to taste the Sun Kissed Air and crash down once again penetrating into the Depths with a hundred tons of pure love and joy . . . . .
And now you as your human self are returned to the edge of the bowl of water in the forest . .  where you are now feeling the mighty roots and strength of all the trees surrounding you . . .  As you stand you feel the support of the Earth beneath you . . .  supporting you through all you have been through . . . and the strength to carry all you have received . . .
as you walk and begin your journey back home . . . 
You are also like the tree ~ strong and rooted with your Personal Power and Strength to Go Forth in Your Life with The Great Compassionate Heart of The whale, the Lion, the Owl . . united like the Trees of The Forest . . . interconnected by The Great Song of Life ~ The Verse of Our Creation…


Full Moon in Taurus & The “Light Chasers” ~ November 6, 2014


The Full Moon is like a Sun that shines in the night. Its illumination captures what is in the dark with a soft hue of mystery and reveals to us the darker side of Life, and if you are still enough – the darker side of yourself.

It gives us a veiled look and requires us to peer a little closer if we want a clearer focus, otherwise we are presented with a diffused image and left to play in the shadows of our imagination, filling in the blank spaces ourselves…like when we are children and still innocent to the conditioning and we know not even what “things” are, let alone how to label them.

We can say there is “innocents” in the air on the nights of the Full Moon. At least most could agree that there is a palpable Mystery emanating from the mere existence of that bright spherical light shining so large down upon us. How does it do that?! Really, how does it do that? Some may say “God” while others can explain it through science. Why even bother asking? When I look around I see this everywhere in people – a negligence to ask questions about what is going on around us and to question our very own thoughts. Continue reading

New Moon in Virgo ~ August 25, 2014

VirgoLionessThese past few weeks leading up to this NOW have been so rich and full of much revelation, inspiration, confrontation, releasing, manifestation, and healing…it is truly the process of a Revolution.  WE are changing, the World is changing, some say even Gaia herself is changing – evolving into an expanded consciousness that is not what it has been and cannot and will not any longer support the false paradigms of scarcity and lack that have been the greatest illusion to humanity.

That illusion just may be the grandest Myth that has ever been impressed upon our consciousness; that there is not enough and that it is a world of “you or me” rather than “you and me.”   This is a Planet of Plenty and we are Beings of the Infinity of that “Plenty.”  

But those that believe in that Myth will wage war’s to maintain its position of power, Continue reading

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