2017 ~ A Year of Great Awakening and Inspired Creative Expansion

2017 is a Year of Massive Awakening, Creative Expansion, & Radical Shifts in consciousness within as well as on the forefront of the World Stage.

This is the Age of Aquarius.

We are in The Revolution.  WE ARE The Revolution.

From 2012 ~ 2016 we all experienced the profound power of the “breaking down” energies of the “Uranus Square Pluto transit.”
  • Major Confrontations of Self.
  • Death – and – Rebirth sweeping through every aspect of our lives.
  • Truth Revealed and Redefined.

Each moment leads us to the next, essentially preparing us for the next…

As we continue the journey on in 2017, we are now being lead powerfully through this next year by the highly inspirational forces of FIRE and AIR setting the main stage.  

Come 2018 through the monumental planetary alignments of 2020, we will find ourselves working strongly with the EARTH Element, where we will begin to see Life demanding much more Grounding, Stability, and Commitment to the form of our creations.

This is a year that is much like preparation for what is going to be grounded and stabilized during the years to come.  This is a year that is largely defined by playing in the field of  CREATIVE ACTUALIZATION, experimenting, and having, more than ever, an EXPERIENTIAL RELATIONSHIP with your ability to manifest and create your world.  

It is a dance of Fire & Air, asking all of us to move and to create, on these winds of change.  

To bring forth the Heart of Fire, and the Wisdom of Air.

2017 Ushers In:
  • Jupiter ~ the bigger than Life Jovial King, who represents “luck” & “blessings” and always MORE
  • Standing in Opposition to:
  • Uranus ~ the Great Awakener who waits for no-one to provoke rapid transformation and deconditioning

The Goal: Revelations of True-Self

This year the Higher Mind is on Fire and Dancing with the pure abundance of Creative Power and Desire for Expansion!  

The advice on the winds is to harness the energy, spread your wings, and fly.  

Ready or not – here we are.

This is a time of unprecedented acceleration of growth, expansion, and awareness. 

The train has left the station and is full speed ahead!

Please in-JOY the ride!

The Main Astrological Influences for this Year:
  • Jupiter opposite Uranus, in Libra and Aries ~ Powerful Relationship Dynamics
  • Venus Retrograde, in Aries & Pisces ~ Spotlight on our deepest Relationship to Self – March/April
  • North Node moves from Virgo to Leo, an 18-month cycle of completion and beginning ~ Moving from focus on Purifying to the experience of Pleasure – May
  • Jupiter in Libra moves to Scorpio, a one year cycle ~ Relationships, Relationships, Relationships! October
  • Saturn in Sagittarius moves into Capricorn late 2017, closing a 2.5-year cycle and beginning another ~ From Expansion to Building Foundations – Grounding – December
  • Uranus closing its 8-year cycle in Aries and moving into Taurus early 2018,  ~ From personal experience focused outward to an experience of the most personal inner-self 
  • February and August Major Eclipses ~ Portals of Change


Summer of Love ~ Venus Retrograde July 26th – September 6th 2015

suculentSummer Solstice just passed (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the magic of mid-summer nights dance before us.  We currently have the magnificent Venus and Jupiter awe-ing us in the night sky, and so much of Fiery Leo energy this Season to keep us all passionately engaged and inspired!

Although there is always numerous significant planetary aspects going on simultaneously (to much to speak of all in this short article) what I wish to lend attention to here is Venus as the big show stopper this season.

Once about every year and a half for an average of 40 days Venus ~ the Goddess of Love and Connection goes Retrograde.  Symbolically this is a time of turning inward.  A time when we reflect deeper upon the inner relationship with Self.Consciously or unconsciously events, circumstances, and people will usher this in and the theme will be about “what are we in relationship with?” and “what is the quality of these connections?”

She will take this journey inward through the light of Leo and with that comes a powerful self-orientation around Love, Joy, Pleasure, and all things self-fulfilling.  Fiery Leo wants to express the fullness of itself, and IT WILL with passion, in whatever capacity it has reached.

On an individual level we are each being asked to come through The School of Leo – the influence of fire, passion, creativity, and self-expression.  Essentially it has a lot to do with the essence of the Heart and how are we in connection with it.

With Jupiter about to end its one year journey in Leo from this past August 2014 – July 2015, we can say that Venus is giving us a bit of the “last hurrah” so to speak, or in another words the heat is on to pay attention and learn about the ways of the Heart now while the lesson is active, for soon come this Fall and into the following years the powerfully in-quizzical, masterful, precisely in control -Earth Goddess Virgo will be running much of the show asking us to pay attention to her ways.  Virgo is the Heart essence –refined.

In her most natural expression Venus is the archetype of The Muse.  She inspires, loves, and enchants with beauty, sensuality, pleasure and enjoyment of the physical and metaphysical realms.  She values connection and the alchemy of union, but also the independence necessary to be free to create life as the artists’ canvas she sees it as.

When Retrograde she is in the shadow of herself, she is her sister-self – Persephone ~ the Queen alchemist of the Underworld and the Bride of Hades.  Persephone’s terrain is that of darker realms were lives all that dwells in the unknown, and buried secrets, passions, and pains reside.  Her companion Hades is the polarity to all she is and reflects back to her her very own dualistic nature.

When Venus is retrograde it is a time of navigating through the depths of ourselves like on a 40 day quest to re-discover the hidden, forgotten, and abandon aspect of Self.  In Leo it is an emphasis upon our relationship to Love, Joy and Pleasure and the relationship by which we express these qualities of being.

Retrogrades are about re-assessing, re-doing, and re-membering.  They are opportunities to go back and potentially “do over” what was done or unfinished from the past.  Do not be surprised during Venus Retrograde to meet up again with “old” friends, lovers or partnerships of the past, or perhaps the confrontation of personal self comes through “old” relationship patterns around love, partnership, commitment and intimacy.  

For any event in life there is always what could be looked at as a “trinity of time” – what comes before the event, which is often preparation (conscious or not), then there is the time of the actual event, and then the aftermath or the adjustment or transition phase into the next.  Likewise for the planetary cycles.  Retrogrades have what is called the “shadow phase” before and after.

The actual timing of the Venus Retrograde is for 43 days – July 26th through September 6th.  But the shadow begins on June 22nd and goes through October 9th.

This is nearly about 15 weeks of deep self reflection, self- actualizing, and self-loving.  Venus comes as the muse to initiate us into the Love found within ourselves and others.


Last Quarter Moon ~ April 11th

AmandaClarkThis week we are coming out of the intense and transformational energies of the New and Full Moon Eclipses of this past 3 weeks. Though they are now behind us the powerful lingering essence that is “Change” will still remain to carry us through the next two weeks toward the New Moon and Release is still a major theme now.

Many will see by the New Moon in two weeks time, a BIG part of their past now more completely behind them and a whole new chapter of life calling forth.

March and April have ushered in major transitions characterizing major turning points in all our lives.  So many of us over these past few weeks have confronted, resolved, and evolved many deep and personal obstacles and mountains that have been on our path for some time now (if not “life times”). 

This time has been much about reaching The Peak point, for some “the breaking point” and for others where the shift was now ripe to happen. Now there is a cleaner slate and for many a whole new horizon before them! 

Really this is nothing new.  For years now we have been asked to “Change” on many levels and this time now has been a concentrated time of this lesson. For some effecting very crucial and specific areas of our lives ~ no resistance could keep the dam from breaking through to those places inside us (and in our lives) that needed to be washed away and freed from the preexisting boundaries and limitations. For many the experience has been a necessary Purification, a Rite of Passage, a Ceremony and a Celebration of letting go and the birth of a new life (which will be more and more revealed as time goes by.) 

We must evolve and change WILL happen.  It is really up to us to raise the quality of how we participate and allow this process to live itself out… 

This week we have the last quarter moon on the 11th in Capricorn – the light is waning.  It is a time to assess the letting-go process and all that has been and is being released of the past.   To readjust if necessary before the time begins again (on the New Moon) where the past will be behind us and we will be asked to focus on the present and our future intentions. 

But for now we are still here in this space of “the cross-roads” and this place is the perfect most supportive space to nurture us in all that we have been through and all that we are becoming

Jupiter turns direct this week after its four months retrograde phase.  Once again it is a time to celebrate what you can of your life, create, express, and Love from whichever point you stand! 

Leo is about being ALIVE and in Jupiter it does it BIG. 

Enjoy Life for all it is worth to you and feel the Love….

Spring Equinox *The Verse of Our Creation* Shamanic Journey


~New Moon Solar Eclipse – Through the Heart of the Whale~

Following is a guided meditation into the essence of the energies of the current planetary alignments.  Particularly of this peak time in the Natural Seasonal cycle of Nature where the potency of the shift from the end of one season into the beginning of the next can be felt.  The week of (and time surrounding) March 21st 2015 will be a powerful catalyst into great change, new beginnings and powerful birthing experiences. 

It is in the Northern Hemisphere the Spring Equinox ~ which marks the beginning of the Zodiacal Calendar – zero degrees of Aries; the first of the zodiac signs representing birth or the new seed.  It is the true New Years Eve!

Also this date is aligned with a New Moon as well as a Total Solar Eclipse.  This translates into some very powerful energies of influence available to be harnessed into our own creative projects, intentions, and desires.  It is a time where a great energy abounds and supports to go forth and forward into your dreams; for your life and this world. 

Aries and Pisces are very strong influences ushering in the Arian Warrior essence of Courage, Will, Determination and Personal Power.  Joined by the compassionate force of Pisces which is about Unity Consciousness focused on the interconnectedness of all life and the Heart and Intelligence that unites us all. 

With the New Moon in Pisces and the Sun entering Aries there is a very “Fiery” – inspirational energy present along with the very emotional essence of Water. We also have Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus all in Fire signs ~ Sagittarius, Leo & Aries, creating a Grand Trine in Fire amping up the creative, initiative juices within and stirring our desire to move and create BIG and New.  With Pluto holding it down in the powerfully grounded sign of Capricorn we are being given Roots (or at least asked to grow some now) to keep us earthed and give some structure and form to all the creative energies. 

All in all its an incredible time of Building, Birthing, and Creating a New World within and without…

(If you would like to have a fuller experience along with the audio version of this journey we invite you to sit with a bowl of water as a symbolic tool to deepen the journey experience. Also listening with headphones can improve the sound quality.)

(Click below to listen to the Recorded Audio version of the

Shamanic Journey Meditation-with Bradley McKenzie)

A Guided Shamanic Journey into the essence of the Spring Equinox 

We begin by entering A Dark Wood . . . feeling our feet upon the Earth . . feeling the coolness and the moistness of the soil . . as we walk . . we pass through small patches where the Sun Shines bright and we can feel how the heat has warmed the soil and the warmth enters our body . . . .
And Light awakens within us . . .
We begin to see up ahead on the earth a very dark reflected light . . as we come closer we can see that it is a large bowl filled with water.
The water is dark like onyx and we cannot tell through the water if the bowl has a bottom . 
Our attention for a moment is taken upward as we begin to hear all the sounds of the forest becoming VERY loud as if like a symphony is at play . . .  and we are called into the presence of The Owl . . .
We begin to hear the voice of Spirit through the Owl guiding us to enter into the body of water . . . beyond all reason we know and trust that this is an opening, a doorway that we have been waiting for that will take us to the other side of the unknown . . .
where there are messages to the questions still unanswered . . .
We suddenly feel a great wind come and lift us up . . and the electricity of this wind moves through our legs and body like a great electric pulse . . lifting us to stand tall in great power as we move with deep courage to jump . . into this dark portal . . opening us to The Heart of Ourselves . . . . . 
We jump . . . and immediately we are in the deep blue sea of our Earth and we are the Whale . . . . . 
We are the body of this great being . . . gracefully and effortlessly moving through the watery depths of existence. 
So Grand, Ancient and Wise. . . Containing the records of All Time . . . we are Re-Membered . . . of the Interconnectedness of Life, the Profound Intelligence of the Heart, and the Deep Compassion that is there . . .
And the Great and beautiful Song that resounds from within it . . .   
As the Whale we begin to sing our song . . . and feel this great vibration of the heart radiating with such a magnificent power and grace throughout our entire being . . .  and out into the Sea that surrounds us . . touching upon all The Shores of the Earth. 
Soon we begin to see the other whales we have been calling to
as we all come together in unity of song . . . . . 
Suddenly you as The Whale sense a small being up head has entered the Sea where the Sun shines a great beam of light through the top of the waters . . . 
It is a human and it is you in your human form . . .
You are the Whale now meeting with your Human Self in the Great Sea of Creation . . .
You as the Whale go with great Love and Compassion to look from out of a most Mystical, Peaceful and Loving Whale eye . . .  into the beautiful human eye of yourSelf . . .
 As the two eyes meet there is a great Love exchanged . . . . .
and through this deep honouring and adoration in The Mysterious Spirit of Life
a great awakening and activation of the coded knowing within
of who we are
spreads throughout the Sea . .  that we humans hold within our hearts the heart of the Whale, the Heart of the Owl, the Heart of The Lion, the Heart of the Buffalo, the Heart of the Crow, and ALL the Animal Beings carrying the Heart of Great Spirit through this Passage of Life . . .   
WhaleAngelA great Joy comes over you as The Whale . . . and you begin to push with great power through the liquid light to plunge your mighty self out through the surface of the water in a great ecstatic leap . . .  piercing through the dimensions of Sea and Sky to taste the Sun Kissed Air and crash down once again penetrating into the Depths with a hundred tons of pure love and joy . . . . .
And now you as your human self are returned to the edge of the bowl of water in the forest . .  where you are now feeling the mighty roots and strength of all the trees surrounding you . . .  As you stand you feel the support of the Earth beneath you . . .  supporting you through all you have been through . . . and the strength to carry all you have received . . .
as you walk and begin your journey back home . . . 
You are also like the tree ~ strong and rooted with your Personal Power and Strength to Go Forth in Your Life with The Great Compassionate Heart of The whale, the Lion, the Owl . . united like the Trees of The Forest . . . interconnected by The Great Song of Life ~ The Verse of Our Creation…


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