Goddess Aphrodite & Queen Persephone



Sisters of The Pomegranate

The Goddesses of Vision & The Alchemist of Love

Both Aphrodite and Persephone are linked in their mythologies by the Pomegranate ~ the aphrodisiac fruit of sublime pleasure. 

Aphrodite is said to be the mature aspect of Persephone, and Persephone the innocent or immature shadow of Aphrodite.

The Independent Goddess

Aphrodite is very much of ‘The World’ and the material pleasures of it. However, she taps into a depth of power, (perhaps from the very source of her counterpart – Queen of the Underworld: Persephone) to bring forth the inspiration of the muse, which powerfully inspires, captivates and enchants all she touches. 

This is Aphrodite’s gift: her medicine to imbue all she looks upon – with beauty.  To be in~love with the object of her attention.  Her love is unmistakably felt and trailing about her wherever she goes.  This also is the very poison which leaves a trail of broken hearts in the wake of her return, and her own addiction to the taste of Love & Beauty can be her own shadow and downfall.

Venus is not attached and like the muse can come and go without warning, like an intoxicating pink cloud of smoke that has magically appeared and then vanishes like a mirage, leaving the bitter taste of what was lingering.

Sexual Empowerment

Aphrodite is not considered a vulnerable Goddess.  She is very much in control and her own source of empowerment.  She chooses who she wants to be with and when she will leave.  She honors connection and union, but she is not attached to it.  She fully involves herself but does not become utterly vulnerable to the connection.  She wants and desires the transformative and creative power’s of Love, found in the exchange of Emotions. 

She values the emotional exchanges and experiences with others far more than permanent bonds.   She is not interested in “forever” or “death do us part”.  She lives in the moment where the magic is and is deeply passionate and focused upon that which is personally meaningful to her.  She will give all of herself wholeheartedly as if each lover and object of her attention were the only one, and when it is time for her to go – she goes whole with all of herself confidently intact. 

She leaves behind her essence but always walks on completely in her independence and sexual maturity. 

Aphrodite has a powerful naturally erotic nature; like a true sensual creature.  

In the mythologies, she is linked to male deities and having children, but she did not suffer and was not victimized like the other ‘vulnerable Goddesses’ ~ Demeter – The Mother, Hera – The Wife, and Persephone – The Mother’s Daughter.

Aphrodite represents relationship: to relate, to be known and to know the other.  Sexuality is one of her direct channels to this knowing.  She enjoys being the muse as her offering.  To inspire man’s dream, shape it into form, believe in it and bless it with her love, inspiration, and magic.  

She carries the Power of Vision and positive expectation... 

Her Shadow & Her Addiction to Love

When the Aphrodite type of woman (or Man) cannot say no to his/her own appetite or particular susceptibility of desire in the moment, she/he risks falling into the addiction to love.  From this loss of independence to be in control of her own life course: she risks falling into her shadow, whereas like Persephone she will go into the underworld and reveal the dark seeds of obsession, compulsion, and possession to another.  Usually not in her own self but directed towards her by the other. 

Compassion & Humility

Aphrodite possessed great compassion and humility even amidst her independence and infidelities.  The one she married was Hephaestus, the hunched-backed clubfooted rejected son of Zeus and Hera.  He was a creative genius with great impressive skills and he manages to win her as his wife.  She was not, however, loyal to him as her only sexual consort because as the story goes Hephaestus was a creative genius with deep tumultuous emotions stirring within, however, he was incapable of acquiring the skills to express them and was not able to hold the love and attention of such a feminine creature.

In the birth chart, strong Aphrodite and Venus symbols will express dynamics of this nature. 

The combination of Persephone and Aphrodite saw as one entity of two shades is an expression of the feminine that is powerfully Tantric in its nature.  It is the union of the mature sexual independent Goddess-centered in herself,  and the powerful Shamaness of the most vulnerable and intimate of emotions provoked from deep within the depth of the heart and soul within oneself.   

Persephone: The story of Tantric Union

  • The Mythology of Persephone is the story of the young and naive maiden carefree in a field of flowers when suddenly the Earth splits open and up comes Hades.  He abducts her down to the Underworld to become his wife. She eventually earns her own power as the rightful Queen of Darkness and the hells and neuroses of the psyche. 
  • He rapes her – initiating her virgin sexuality into the raw instinctual trespasses of desire and claims her as his wife – bonding her into sexual partnership and union.  Persephone was already born into the initiation of ‘partnership’ through the strong bond she had with her Mother – Demeter.  Her partnership with Hades represents the next stage of her passage.  Her journey to becoming the Tantric Goddess.  
  • Although she remains immature in the innocence and naivety of her youth, she eventually becomes wizened through the deep power that is innately within her.  She is the ‘Mother’s daughter’ that is claimed and remains to be taken care of and kept. However, what she becomes as her destiny is – the guide and the keeper of the secrets of the dark, as an initiate of the alchemy of Tantric Union. 

As she becomes the Guide of the Underworld she is forever bound to the vulnerabilities of partnership and cannot escape from the bond of union and the depth of this realm. 

First the ‘Mother’s Daughter’ and then the ‘abducted wife’ – she lives through the experience of being ever bonded and powerfully affected by others.  

Her Destiny is as the Queen Shaman; the alchemist who turns the ashes of the hellish realms into gold and makes peace out of war and makes love out of hate.  

Her magic is the mastery of mixing her own energies with those of another and transfiguring the whole into – a greater aspect of Self.  

In union with another, she takes whatever is available and alchemizes it into pure source energy and gives the same in return. She is the Tantric Queen.  

Though the story begins with the Tale of the “Earth opening and Hades pulling her in” it is really revealing the story of – the journey of the masculine and feminine from its lowest to its highest potential.  Moving from the innocence of instinctual sexuality into the eventually evolved quality of sacred sexuality.   It shows how we are initiated into this path through the swallowing depths of being exposed to the raw truth of the spirit of human desire, and later through the gateway of an open heart – the experience of true union with another. 

Desiring the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge

As the story goes she was instructed not to eat anything while in The Underworld, otherwise, she could never return. However, when offered the aphrodisiac pomegranate seed from Hades she willingly accepted and ate it.  This shows her own natural desire to taste of that which was forbidden and to commit herself to the abduction of the underworld. 

When she returned to her Mother (which she was later granted partial time throughout the year) she lied to her Mother and said Hades had forced her to eat of the fruit. 

Her lie to her Mother shows her immaturity to take responsibility for herself and to claim her own identity and independent power.  Claiming her own self-identity is her greatest weakness…

In The Astrological Birth Chart

Persephone is the “Kore.'”  She symbolizes that aspect of ourselves that is innocent or naive – the eternal child.  The area where we struggle to “grow up” and face authority standing confidently in our own maturity.  It is the place where we are susceptible to become “abducted” and taken down into the shadows of that particular underworld (which is represented by her placing in your chart.)     This is where we may become the victim of the neuroses of that particular shadow dynamic and remain immature, victimized,  and the powerless child. 

Extreme Vulnerability and Femininity

Persephone is not independent, self-centered and in-control like Aphrodite.  She is extremely vulnerable, irresponsible, complacent and extremely feminine in her nature. 

She is highly susceptible to the human neurosis of the psyche created by the extreme overwhelm of emotion like depression, anxiety, and emotional/mental/nervous breakdowns.

In her apparent helplessness to take responsibility she can appear selfish and childish, however, she is actually selfless in her nature as she gives all of herself and allows herself to be taken: to be taken down into the underworld of herself and that of other.  There is egolessness in her self-focus as she provides herself as the body (or the container) for transmutation to happen. 

The risk in her willingness is the potential of becoming completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the depth of this emotional realm that is her territory. 

She is the ultimate receptacle and the expression of a humble sacrifice of oneself for allowing herself to be a conduit for one’s transformation to occur through her.  She uses her receptivity and ultra-sensitivity to guide others into those realms within themselves.

Loss of Self

In this way, she risks losing all sense of herself and becoming like Hestia/Vesta – completely undefined. 

But unlike the independent and self-centered Hestia, Persephone can become desperate in her loss of self and need to connect with someone to be the vessel.  A Persephone woman (or man) can lose touch with knowing how to maturely support themselves, as their identification is so deeply involved in serving another as the “processor of the inner realms.”

She is extremely powerful as the Shamaness that she is: the alchemist of powerful energies ~ the Queen of the Underworld and Wife of Hades/Pluto.  She holds space with the Demons and Ghost of our psyche and is Queen over them. 

Persephone is the Queen Alchemist and in her true essence and power, she is naturally attracted to the powerful transformational quality of The Dark of the Shadow and at home in The Underworld. 

Like Chiron ~ when finally we are no longer victimized by the wound and we clear the oppression of our pain aside and are then free to allow the experience to be the medicine and the wisdom inherent in our own soul.  We are free. 

So it is with Persephone.  When we have finally come to a place of seeing through our own naivety and self-victimization, we come to recognize the source of inherent power we have in this territory of the psyche,  we become like the Queen Guide.  Moving through the shadow we can usher our own spirit through the journey of reclaiming – our own inheritance within of where within, we have stored our own alchemical power. 

Persephone in the birth chart shows where we are susceptible to being abducted into our own helplessness and shadow, where we can give up our own power and remain immature.  When the shadow is honored and the inherent alchemical power of this area (as shown in the chart) is allowed to be publicly claimed we can see where a great wealth of deep wisdom as the Guide of this terrain exist. 



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Full Moon Meditation ~ Video


All over the World since the beginning of time people have gathered under the Full Moon Light to join in ceremony, ritual, and meditation. 

Today there are hundreds of thousands of people who honor this time each month as a day when the energies and light offer a powerfully supportive element to grounding and anchoring powerful intentions and prayers. 

When so many people gather at the same time with positive intentions and focus, a massive collective impact can and does occur.

Back in 2000 the great Shamaness and Author of many books on Shamanism: Sandra Ingerman, initiated a monthly Full Moon Meditation which she called the “Web of Light.”  Still today she has continued each month to support this collective gathering and intention with many people joining in.  Read here for more.

Please join in meditation under the Full Moon, from where ever you are, to create this powerful ‘Web of Light’ and let us witness together the healing and unity that continues to build in our world!

The general intention put forth by this particular meditation and group intention is based mainly on focusing on one’s own inner light.  It is not about sending light out to a particular place in the world, a person, or the Earth herself. 

The intention is on spending the time making contact with and cultivating your own source of divine light which dwells within you.  It is about being with your own inner light and witnessing it grow as you nurture it. 

It is from this place in each of us that we will find the healing and transformation we seek. 

Imagine a world where everyone is shining from the inside – out! 

I created this Full Moon Meditation video to simply be a support: a point of focus if you would like one, to hold the space for a 15-minute meditation.  The accompanying music is beautiful and was created with a strong loving intention to support meditative space.  The images are a beautiful compilation of the light of nature and when gazed upon can evoke one’s own inner light source and connection with Nature. 

You can use this video with your eyes open gazing at the images or keeping your eyes closed and just allowing the music to carry you deeper into your own journey. 

Enjoy and may we all be In Peace.

Music by: Rara Avis:  www.raraavismusic.com  & www.yogitunes.com

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Moon Diary * Current Forecast ~ Celebrating Pisces

When you begin to live in harmony with the Cosmic Cycles, or simply the Moon Cycle – you quickly begin to observe that your own personal life ‘phases’ are not separate, but in fact flowing synchronically with the very rhythm of Nature herself.
Being aware of the 4 Phases of the Moon Cycle is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to recognize your own personal ‘Rites of Passage’ playing out in the current phase of your own life.
When we tune into the cosmic guidance and the cycles of nature we have the opportunity to come into greater alignment within ourselves and in connection with the whole of life.

As above so below.  Go With The Flow!

We have entered the Season of Pisces.

February 19th – March 20th

It is the last sign of the Zodiac and it is the end of the Astrological Year.

Soon the Spring Equinox (on March 20th) will usher us into the “New Year”, where we begin again our evolutionary journey through consciousness at the beginning, with Aries initiating us through the fresh, impulsive, instinctual, actively engaged, Firey energies.   Like a new baby, life is born again.

For now, over the next few weeks, the Sun and many Planets are all convening in Watery Pisces, the sign of high emotional sensitivities and psychic receptivities.  It is like the Womb of Creation, where we are floating in the depths of the Sea of Potential and Infinite Possibilities awaiting to burst forth into the manifested creation.

As we are presently in the Waxing Moon Phase, building up to this Full Moon (on March 1st), which is inherently a stage of growth and creation, you are supported now in Pisces to actively focus on what needs to be cleared and released from your life, and where you feel you need support, guidance, and help.

We are magnificently created – with twenty-six bones in each of our hands which gives us a mechanical dexterity that the greatest engineers have yet to be able to duplicate.  A small wonder compared to the many miraculous creations of our existence, like Birth, Death, and the countless unexplainable natural phenomena of this World.   It is a miracle that we are alive and that we experience, with incredible perceptive abilities, All That Is!

Pisces reminds us of the necessity and the power of Forgiveness and Compassion in a World where our minds are free to think and create at will and where the Heart and the Soul have been under siege and are deeply longing to be embraced.

Pisces is the last stage of the Zodiac ~ the Wheel of Evolving Consciousness.  It is where we enter the stage of Release and Surrender in preparation for the inevitable new beginning.  Pisces deals powerfully with the “unseen”, but none the less FELT.

We are being asked to be present with our Vulnerability.

To enter the Field of Prayer.

To surrender.  To Let Go and to Open to Being Held.

To acknowledge our need for HELP and Support in life.

Here are an acronym and a prayer by Angela Montano that beautifully offers an acknowledgment that you are worthy of support and are open to receive in miraculous ways.





“I allow my life to be Held


A Love that is greater than my own thinking.

I open to this Love now.”


Blessings on your journey in Vulnerability.


January 31st, ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ February 15th New Moon Solar Eclipse

2018 begins with a powerful initiation towards Change with two Eclipses supporting us to break through the “holding patterns”, Release (the past), and step courageously into the Unknown


On January 31st, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and on February 15th a New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses have a way of amplifying the already potent energy of the NEW and FULL Moons, which symbolically represent peaks of energy, beginnings, endings, & celebrations.

How this translates into our own lives can be observed by a surging intensity around the deeper issues within our own lives.

Our patterns can reach a peak of expression,  our core issues can surface with  (what feels to be) a vengeance, and the need to recognize and acknowledge the necessity for Change can come on stronger than ever.
Determining how these Moons fall in your own chart will help to shed light on what areas of your life may be most affected by the shifts at this time.

Both the Full and New Moon Eclipses occur in the Signs of Leo and Aquarius.  This is the Axis of Creativity and Expression.

It’s about the personal individual self-expression (in Leo), in reflection to the collective co-creative expression (in Aquarius).

The Moons here in these signs are enlivening and energizing these qualities in all of us ~ Personal Expression and Co-Creation.  How are You doing it? 

The focus is on how we are personally showing up in our own individual expression and how this affects others, the community, the collective, and the whole of life.

Looking at the World Stage, it is clear that this is a very important area to be paying attention to!  It’s time.

2018 is a year that emphasizes Integrity and Authenticity.  We must all do what we can to move into alignment with these important ways of being.  It is becoming clearer that nothing can stay hidden for very long anymore.  The next years ahead of us are very much about “full disclosure”, as we can see now that we are already clearly experiencing this.

So, with these next Full and New Moons, may we all embrace the opportunities at hand to see more clearly, to reflect on the information we are receiving with all that is being revealed, and to have the strength and courage to express ourselves from our hearts in integrity for all of life.  

Be the Change.  

May 3rd, 2017 ~ Half Moon ~ 

We have come now halfway between the New Moon and the upcoming Full Moon (next Wednesday).
It’s now First Quarter Half Moon. Light is waxing ~
G R O W I N G, we are.

We are in the Taurus Moon Cycle ~ Earth – Grounded – Sensual energy.

The Body, Money, our Resources, Our worth and value, S E L F W O R T H. These are our Teachers now.

******* ) ( ******

Mercury Retrograde turns Direct TODAY.
Venus Retrograde turned Direct a couple weeks ago. Things are going to start to feel much more in a forward direction in our own lives.

After May 20th we will be clear out of the “shadow” of both Venus and Mercury.

This is the time when our decisions with our plans and relationships will be much more clear and we will be able to receive and hear with much more clarity, the direct knowing from within ourselves of what’s next in each our lives.


STAY OPEN! This week we are currently closing out an 18-year cycle and beginning the next 18-month LUNAR NODE CYCLE.
May 10th’s Scorpio Full Moon will usher in the beginning of a powerful LEO themed 18-month adventure!

It’s an opportunity for all of us to get deeper in contact with our JOY, OUR CREATIVITY, OUR FUN, OUR LIGHT, OUR LOVE, AND OUR OWN PERSONAL EXPRESSION.

To C E L E B R A T E ourselves and this life experience!

******* ) ( ******

For those of you who are journeying on the “13 Clan Mothers – Healing Quest” with us, we are currently walking with ~


The Taurus Moon ~ She is the Lover, the Sensualist, and the Artist – She speaks clearly from her grounded core –

“I AM in touch with my Senses.”

She liberates herself from the burden basket of others and dwells peacefully in the silence of her own company.

She designs a world based on the strength, the truth, and the beauty of her own personal values.

She protects what belongs to her, with her heart.

She dances out her sorrows, barefoot.

And, dances in her Joy with palms up to the Starry Night.

She is in touch with Nature.

April 10th, Full Moon 

Blessings on this most powerful Libra Full Moon time!

Four Planets in Retrograde during April ~ “A reset” ~ We are being asked to go back. Reenter the Garden of your life and take a good look at what seeds you have planted, and how you have, or have not, tended to the growth.

How has your Garden grown?

In the fullest Light of Libra, she teaches us to Walk Gracefully into the challenges and extreme imbalances of our lives.
To cultivate the Neutral Mind and gain perspective from a centered place of neutrality. Release attachments, release judgment, release “Truths” that are conditions of the mind, let go of the identities that are limitations to the truth of your infinite nature.
In this way, harmony can be reclaimed and we can live once again IN BALANCE with our true nature, and in balance with Nature herself.
This Venus Retrograde Cycle has been a dance with some of our deepest wounds. As she returns to join hands once again with Chiron ~ the Wounded Healer, during this Full Moon time, we are given the opportunity to make peace with our past. Make peace with ourselves and others. To face our wounds. To heal. And to – Self Care & Self Love – this is the only way.
Living by, and as an example is the only way to the healing of our World.

Those of us journeying together on the “13 Moon * 13 Clan Mothers – Healing Quest”,
have been taking up the Medicine of Clan Mother ~ “WALKS TALL WOMAN”.

As we move with the Aries Moon Cycle, which began two weeks ago on the New Moon.
“She teaches us about magnetism and how to use authority and will properly, how to lead through example, how to change life’s situations by taking action ourselves, not depending on others to do it for us.
She teaches us how to be proud of our accomplishments through self-esteem, not self-importance, that the more we refine our skills, the happier we are with ourselves.
ACTIONS ALWAYS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. We are living examples of our philosophies, we are walking our personal truths.
WALKS TALL WOMAN is the Guardian of Leadership and Keeper of New Pathways. She shows the power of being our personal best and the importance of innovation. The Mother of Innovation.

~ This type of innovation does not destroy the Traditions of the past but rather adds new truths to those Traditions, giving the ancient ways of the Ancestors new growth potential. ~

She is the Mother of Perseverance and Stamina, who teaches us the value of Health, the needs of our physical bodies and use of exercise to be strong, our ability to be graceful and find the point of gravity in the human form. We must be flexible enough to allow others to follow their paths.
We must be willing to drop our fears of taking action. Leading through example by being personally responsible in thought, action, and deed is the way we find the Medicine of Walking Our Talk.”

We are in the three days of the Full Moon. This is a time to RECEIVE. The Light is potent. It moves in us and through us. Be open to the messages of guidance available to you. Be receptive to your own inner guidance that is your most powerful tool and voice of your own.
Allow the essence of the Divine Grand-Mother Moon Light to penetrate and fill you like you are one and the same.

We are one and the same.

Soon the Waning Moon will take it’s course and lead us once again into the Release Phase, and preparation for new seeds, yet Unknown, to birth through the darkness.
For now . . . embrace it all.

FullSizeRender (38)May 4th, 2016 ~ New Moon in Taurus (May 6th)

~ The Three Days of The Dark Moon ~

The first day of the three days of the Dark Moon is actually the last day of the current cycle – the day before the New Moon

  • On the last day of the Lunar Cycle (May 5th), we are in the complete release

The 28-day ‘cycle of consciousness’ is now coming to a close.  The last sliver of light that remains will soon fade as total darkness consumes the night. 

The light of the Moon is like a symbol of our own consciousness and as the last light disappears, we too are releasing our awareness into the void of darkness ~ the unknown. 

This day is about – letting fall away what needs to go. 

  • Remember, whatever you decide to continue to hold on to will be carried into the next phase and essentially add to the ‘pot of ingredients’ that flavors your life. 
  • This day is a good day to let go of habits, behaviors, relationships, etc that you know do not serve you – to begin with, a clear slate tomorrow. 

Giving thanks and saying “fare thee well” with appreciation, is the best way to go!  Acknowledging – all those lessons, experiences, and awareness, came like a blessing to guide you forward. 

~ What follows is an incubation time into a fresh new phase, on the New Moon day (May 6th).  Like a seed, we rest beneath a sheath of darkness awaiting the moment to burst forth and become our potential.  Soon the light will pull us there…

“Will I grow into the Oak Tree I am meant to be”? 

  • What will come out of the darkness is what is discovered in the unknown – over these next few days and weeks.  Questions will become answers and questing will become fulfillment… 

The period of total darkness of the New Moon (before the crescent light) is where seeds are planted (some on a very unconscious level) too soon sprout and be seen and nourished by the light, as the days pass.

~ On the third day of the Dark Moon – the day after the New Moon, we can begin to see the first sliver of the new light dawning. 

  • As we continue to plant the seeds for the theme of this cycle, we can (if we choose) start to harness in on the supportive active energy of ‘growth’ – energy moving forward. 

We have entered the phase of the initiative impulse to create and to build.  Nourishing the soil of your dreams and intentions will feed the life of all you are. 

Like the beautiful Oak Forest teaches us- you like the acorn already are so complete in all your potential. 

There is a powerful Taurus energy now guiding us deeper into our own core of inner resources and our capacity to support our own selves with all the love and beauty we desire. 

Taurus ask us to:

Find the love within.  Find the serenity and peace within.  Find the way within. Be it.

And then share it. 

Blessings on your way. 

FullSizeRender (37)April 25th, 2016 * Waning Moon – Half Moon, + Mercury goes Retrograde

This week sets us off in the phase of the Waning Moon.  After the full light: the Full Moon begins to shed a little more each day.  So is the process within each of us. 

The spark in us that ignited around this past New Moon had its course into a flaming light, and now soon ashes will take over…

The 3 days of the Full Moon brings a peak; a climax – and then the release follows. 

Here we are.

What in you came to a pinnacle point?  Can you now feel the shift?

Now we are in – the shifting energy – from out of growth, to bursting full light over the past two weeks, into the fading of light towards eventual total renewal at the New Moon.  This is the course.

But, New Moon is still 11 days from now. 

For now, it’s a gradual process.  Each day we let go of a little more. 

Until piece by piece, we are “new” again. 

The New Moon seeks to renew our spirit and liberate our consciousness into fresh awareness. 

The Waning Moon (now) leads us there, preparing us with introspection, and rather than the power to ‘create’ like the waxing growing moon, the waning moon – gives the power to DISMANTLE. 

Our own consciousness is seeking to shed and release what is necessary at this point of our transition through time.  It’s simply the nature of the cycle.  Look up to the sky and you will see.

Throughout this week as we head towards the Waning Half-Moon on the 29th, it’s a good time to go with the flow of energy and allow what needs to fall away – fall.  Scattered parts of yesterday is how the picture is supposed to look…dismantling can get a bit messy.  Just watch your step and take your time – is the message. 

And listen for the ‘inner voice’.  This coming weekend Mercury will go Retrograde and that inner calling is about to get much louder for the following six weeks.

Mercury slowing down in the introspective sign of Taurus is a powerful time of getting in touch with deep personal needs and powerful inner resources. 

We’re nearing the time of the next New Moon in Taurus, where solitude and your own inner world will be the perfect sanctuary of support to find your peace and strength to begin again… 

For now, embrace the feedback coming to you from the outside.  From friends, family, signs and The Universe.  It’s very likely it’s one of those very ‘messages’ that will be the direct source leading you eventually into that ‘inner sanctuary’ I spoke of earlier. 

That place within awaits and without a doubt you will be guided.  Blessings on your path. 


April 22, 2016, ~ Full Moon

Ah, the beauty of the Full Moon, that which illuminates the dark ~ The Scorpio Moon is upon us. 

“Death Moon” or shall we say:  “Renewal”? 

Two weeks ago we were set free from the intense eclipse month of March, and now we are mid-way through this new cycle.

New seeds were planted, new intention, dreams, and hopes initiated.  We all participated in such a huge clearing through March, and we have stepped powerfully forward over these past weeks.  However, there is still much of the past that needs to be reckoned with. 

Mars has joined Saturn in their Retrograde cycles, and together the two partnering up like this make for a whole lot of self-reflection and inner contemplation.  As well as, a bit of a slower pace than some of us might like. 

It’s like the Universe has her finger playing with the ‘pause’ button… so the next few months may feel a bit like “two steps forward one step back”. 

Times of contemplation raise questions.    What do you truly desire?  What do you want?  What stands in your way?  What do you need to do to come closer to creating your dreams?

The next couple months will strongly support the answers coming through – IF you take the time to ask…

Facing “Karma” is a big one on the table right now and we’re being given – let’s call it “a 2nd chance” to make amends and to make “right” within and without. 

Let’s face it: we are all like children in this School of Life.

Thankfully, there is this perfect design in operation, and as it is, we’ve now entered “the Grace Period”.  A time where we get to go back and reset some stones we may have carelessly kicked over along the way.   

In the end, no-matter what we may think we can ‘get away with’ in life,  it’s “our souls that cannot be compromised”.

During this week we also have Venus joining up with Uranus for their yearly rendezvous.  This is ‘Love & Partnership’ spending a week with the ‘Rebel Fighter for individual rights’. 

Expect your intimate relationships to take a revolutionary leap in a progressive and “true” direction.  Or another potential is a complete break from the existing conditions. 

Separation from “The Known” is the basic theme being played out between them and within our own relationships ~  all in the name of Love.

Bask in the Light and Let’s keep it ~ All in the name of Love. 

 April 15th, 2016 Waxing Half~Moon

FullSizeRender (33)We are currently 8 days out from the New Moon where a ‘new beginning’ was seeded and the light was sparked once again out of darkness.  New consciousness, new awareness, new projects or fresh direction in life was initiated and continues to grow with the increasing light as we get nearer to the Full Moon.  What was birthed in your life? 

At the half~moon time, we are asked to reassess our current situation and make adjustments where necessary.   It is the mid-point between the New and Full Moon.   With the Waxing Moon, the rhythm of the cycle is a time of ‘action‘.  


  1. create
  2. build
  3. and work – towards the ‘peak of light’  

Utilize all the creative energy and inspiration you can muster at this time! 

After the Full Moon, we enter the ‘releasing stage.’  There we are supported to put more energy into ‘letting go.’   For now – this two week period is all about being in the creative flow and building…

Half-Moons can often reveal a ‘crisis’ in the way you are handling your current affairs.  The waxing half~moon is a ‘crisis in action.’ Something or some way you are doing things may need to be adjusted.  Are you being confronted in some way to adjust how you’re currently acting or being?

“Harvest Time” at the Full Moon is one week from now.  At that time we ‘reap what we have sown.’

Pay close attention to how well you are tending to your garden (or not) and nurturing those little new sprouts that came forth through this past New Moon time, a week ago.

Feed your light within and watch it grow and shine forth! 

#20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

As an entrepreneur and founder of an online business – the world of social media is part of the game.  Connecting ourselves with a social network is how our business works.  There are over 7 billion people in the world and more than 3 million of them are online!  That’s an amazing source of connection available to us and an incredible opportunity to expand our family of friends, clients and mentors.  The world is truly in the palm of our hands these days with access to just about anything we can think of in the click of a button.

Yes, it can be a great big distraction and an “ego addiction” for many, not to mention all the wi-fi lines covering the planet, that we are all swimming through all the time.  However, this is the new millennium, and with it we have also been granted information on advanced methods for healing and protecting ourselves, how to activate higher vibrations to live by, and through the internet – an accelerated process of awakening and awareness to what is.

It’s no surprise so many of us have found and developed such a soul family through online connections.  Some of the most significant and powerful friendships I have, I have developed from meetings on-line through Facebook and my website, and fostered through Skype.

However, although we can get very familiar with one another through this cyber forum, it can still be very non-personal.  “Who actually is this person behind the screen, the photos and the website?”

In heart of shedding some light on this mystery I’ve decided to share a bit more about myself.  Things that may only come up if I were sharing a good glass of wine or tea with you in the coziness of my living room.  These are some things only some of my closest friends know about, and things that have surely set the stage for the most defining aspects of my life.  For an introverted, normally very private person, this was a great process for me!  I suggest you try it yourself if you feel inspired.  And if you do please don’t hesitate to share with me the #20 things I didn’t know about you! 

  1. photo (9)

    Halloween ~ Mom dressed as a flapper with me holding a ghost lollypop! 1980

    I was an extremely shy and introverted child.  I hardly spoke much at all well into my teenage years, unless I was one-on-one with a friend.  My inner world was loud with activity and my imagination could run wild.  I spent many hours alone in my house or outside in the forest by the lakes in Massachusetts.   Colored pencils and crayons where my favorite!

  2. My brother is a completely opposite personality than I am!  He has always been super involved in sports, very socially oriented, and thinks nothing at all for anything metaphysical or “spiritually oriented”.   We actually get along very well with a lot of respect for one another.
  3. My Mother was a single mom raising two kids.  I started babysitting for her friends when I was 10 years old.  Being alone at night in the houses scared me, but I liked earning the money.
  4. I started waitressing in my best friend’s parents’ diner when I was 13 years old working for tips from 5:30am until 12:30pm on the weekends.   I waitressed for the next 13 years at many different places.
  5. image

    Visiting the Ghost Town of Salem Massachusetts

    I grew up next door to Salem, Massachusetts –  the “Witch Town”  where the history of the mass burning of witches took place as well as the massacre of the Native American Indians in North East America.  I could feel the heaviness in the air that still lingers.  My mother always believed our houses where haunted and would hear “them” around. She would invite a psychic to come to our house for a “psychic reading party” with her friends about every other year.  Much of what she was told manifested!

  6. I played my first ouija board at 9 years old – it worked!  Slamming doors and all!  I can often sense the presence of spirits around.  This openness lead me to explore Feng Shui and Space Clearing as a profession.
  7. We moved 7 times before I was the age of 17.
  8. I have always been psychically sensitive and receptive, powerfully intuitive and empathic, and deeply emotional.  Reading energy and tuning in to people’s thoughts and emotions comes second nature to me.  As a child I was overwhelmed by this.  I can delve into the deepest of feelings ranging from deep despair to total joy and bliss.  No wonder the Moon has been such a guiding force for me.  I truly know what it means to be like a lunatic under the Full Moon’s influence!
  9. My father suffered with sever drug addiction from a very young age as a pre-teen until he was about 50 years old.  He spent about 1/3 of those years in prison.  I saw him on only two occasions between the age of 13 and 39.  He has been sober for 10 years now.  Ive found that forgiveness and acceptance brings understanding, where understanding may otherwise never be found.
  10. I have 4 half sisters who are younger than me from my father.  I’ve only met two of them when I was a young child.
  11. Image

    Hawaii – Mom, Brother and Grandparents

    I moved to Hawaii when I was 18 years old.  My grandparents lived there and invited me to come.  I lived on Oahu for 20 years.  My grandfather passed on 8 years ago. He had Native American ancestry and carries it strong in his nature. He wore the turquoise jewelry of the Indians and expressed strongly the Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiians.  He and my grandmother are so very dear to me.

  12. When I was 21 I contracted parasites in Morocco from a young boy who woke me on the mountain side where we were camping, and offered me fresh raw goats milk!  Within 24 hours I thought I was going to die!  This was the beginning of an 8 year long “healing crisis” in my own life and body, that kicked off my 10 year studies of Natural Medicine, Energy Medicine and the realms of Shamanism and Mysticism.
  13. I got my massage therapy license when I was 22 years old.  I’ve worked in the profession of body work and intuitive healing for the past 18 years.
  14. photo (17)

    The Peak’s of Machu Picchu

    At 26 I discovered my destined path as an Astrologer on a shamanic pilgrimage and medicine walk to Machu Picchu, with a Peruvian Shaman.   This awakened in me what from that point forward became a daily practice, focus and life long career.

  15. Between the age of 21 and 38 I traveled to 15 different countries, including some of the Hawaiian Islands.  Like a nomad, I never planned the trips in advance or planned to go to any of these places prior than just a couple months before hand.  I almost every time did not know where the funds for these trips was going to come from, but in every case the money always manifested.  It was always as if the Earth herself was calling me to ‘this place, for this purpose’, and I knew I needed to heed the call!   The Earth is such a beautiful place with so many types of beautiful people!   I have always felt like I was a “global citizen” or “from another place” not just an “American” and my heart has always carried the Gypsy spirit!
  16. IMG_1061

    The Joy of Ixhora

    I have been a single Mother for 8 years.  It’s not an easy path, however I LOVE being a Mom!  I strongly believe that everything is in perfect alignment with how it should be. Acceptance of “what is” is the key to true freedom.

  17. My daughter was born at home in the water.  Through out my entire pregnancy I never saw an allopathic doctor/gynecologist or received any kind of clinical treatment or testing- no ultrasounds, etc.   I opted for solely the incredible care of my gifted wise crone Midwife.  I fully trusted in my body and the process of natural child-birth.   My labor was a beautiful and peaceful experience for me, free of any “complications”.  She was born perfectly healthy. In fact she came in what’s called “en caul”.  It’s extremely rare in that one in 80,000 babies born will come like this. It’s where they are still within the protection of the amniotic sac.  There are many mystical attributes linked to being born “behind the veil”.   To me she has always been an incredible special being who carries an immense amount of pure joy in her!  Here are some amazing photos of “en caul” births.  
  18. Mother Mary has always been a very dear spirit in my life.  When I was a child I would tell my mom I wanted to change my middle name to Mary.
  19. IMG_1238I gave up drawing and coloring when I became a teenager.  When I was 33 I decided to take a charcoal drawing class and I found that I remembered that I could draw!  I created a copy of the 17th century painter Georges de la Tour’s “The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame”. She’s depicted as pregnant gazing into a flame with a skull on her lap.
  20. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and strived to create my own work and income, from out of my own self and my creative resources within.  I have created many “works” and “businesses” along the way – from child-care, eco-friendly house cleaning, “holistic cooking/chef” – to my deepest passions of “healing work”.  I feel so grateful to be living and working my passion as an Astrologer and Feng Shui Artist, doing what I love and following my bliss!

Crossroads In Between Two Eclipses ~ March 15th


We are currently in the time between two Eclipses.

On Tuesday March 15th it will be the Waxing First Quarter Moon.  Last week we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse and next week a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse follows.

It’s almost half-moon time and this is The Crossroads; the threshold where we must meet with something we are doing (or not doing) that needs or requires adjustment.  It’s the nature of the phase.  It’s an opportunity.  It can manifest like a road block or an obstacle thrown on your path, but really it’s about tending to the seed so it will flourish by the light that is coming.

On the Full Moon (next week) all that we are and have been working through, or creating (in this cycle) will be fully illuminated.  For many the circumstances and “issues” are BIG.  Issues that have been working in us for the past 6 months (or longer) coming to a peak now. 

That’s what Eclipses are ~ peak moments highlighting the necessary transitional periods in our lives.  They reveal and expose huge releases and openings into the next chapter of our lives. 

Many of us have been going through major initiations.  Huge test of will and spirit readying us to take on what has been for many the greatest losses, as well as the greatest gains.  Life is full on!

This week is our time now to prepare the stage for the Full Moon Eclipse on March 23rd.  The emphasis is on the extremes in our lives and where we need to establish greater balance in our relationships and our relationship to ourselves, and Life wer verkauft mir viagra.  We’ve clearly reached a critical mass on a global scale and it’s reflected in each one of our individual lives. 

  • We currently have 6 planets in Pisces,
  • and Jupiter powering up the Destiny Symbol in Virgo,
  • with Saturn in Sagittarius holding the tension in between. 

The momentum towards forward growth is powerfully propelling us into “the future”.  We must go forward.  Yet we must face, resolve and release “the past” so we can walk, come what may, into our destiny.

We must expand beyond the limited perspectives we have been exposed to and operating from.  We must use our creative vision and DO the necessary effort and work needed to bring our lives, and the World out of crisis and back into balance.   

None of this is simple or easy.  The time clearly calls for hard work, determination, dedication and Faith in what could be.  Imagine a World where we are ALL living inspired lives in harmony with Nature…

We may still not be nearly there, but while we are here – it’s one day at a time, one deed at a time.  The shift will come.

Skeletons out of The Closets!

GaurdiansofSoulPartsTodays Fortune Cookie Message is all about clearing those skeletons out of the closets!

We are nearing the close of this months cycle which has been powerfully about facing the deep family/relationship “stuff” as well as work issues and all the deep foundational’s of our lives.  Those ones that are ideally supposed to give us a sense of support.

We’ve been moving through the Moon cycle of Capricorn.

Its currently ‘half-moon’ and this is ‘the cross-roads;’ the last week before the new cycle begins; a re-birth awaits, but now its about rolling up our sleeves and “taking out the trash” – in preparation. Its time to face the music, especially if its not sounding so pleasant.

Major eruptions and crisis have been the theme and many of us have felt pretty deep in it.  When the volcano is ready to blow there is no stopping it viagra online ohne rezept.  This is basically the case for much of the “stuff” that has been boiling under the surface in our lives or swept under the carpets.

The skeletons are coming out and really its best to just recognize they’ve openly joined the party, let them dance their dance, and show them the way out when its over. Otherwise, they will surely remain tucked not so silently away, disturbing our sleeping hours, and haunting our waking hours…

Capricorn demands ‘effort’, and taking responsibility is the only way. “Take charge and do whats necessary once and for all” is the cry. Chances are you know exactly what that is…

Currently Sun in Aquarius is illuminating the path and showing us some very clear signs of which way to go. Its up to us to pay attention to the clear messages and the awarenesses that are coming through; and then do something about them!

Times like this call for some deep cleansing. A serious purge in mind and emotion…

The Feng Shui ideally supported this week has so much to do with clearing the space with 

family and relationship issues.

Your relationships with work and money included.

Following are some practical Feng Shui suggestions to get the positive momentum going! 

• Replace or remove photos that no longer feel they feed good energy into your space or represent an aspect of your Spirit now.

• Get rid of old stuff gathering dust and weighing you down. Lighten up your space!

• Be prepared to have the outstanding conversations; wether you want it or not they are likely to be showing up this week.

• Set boundaries. Make commitments and stick to them!

• Create an altar space to hold symbolic things that you feel support you and the path you are on or want to take in your life (or reassess the altar you have.) Altars amplify your intentions.

• Visualize and set intentions around your work and money. What do you want your work to look like? What do you need to do to get there?

• There is a lot to do right now so be sure to take some time to nurture and support what truly nourishes your soul. Running on half empty will only create more of a drain!


After your space feels all refreshed and loved up just watch for the shifts and blessings that follow!

You will be all the more ready to move through the obstacles that may present themselves, having your Spirit now renewed from putting forth the positive effort to improve the quality of your life.

Blessings on the path.


Artwork by: Imelda Almqvist

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