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Image (16)For over 2 decades now, I have been living in beautiful Hawaii and have been working in the field of Intuitive Healing, through various modalities of bodywork/energy work – Massage Therapy, the Shamanic Path, Feng Shui, and Astrological Counseling and Teaching. This has been the greatest School ~ the path of healing, on a deep heart and soul level.

This journey has lead me to tap very deeply within, with myself and others, to the place where we can meet with who we essentially are. Breaking through the boundaries, the definitions, the conditioning, and the limitations of life, and into a place where healing and growth can happen, where we can remember who we are, free from the illusions of the mind.   This has been and is for me the intention, the focus, the work, and the practice.

It began for me surprisingly, during a shamanic pilgrimage upon the precipice of Machu Pichu.   It was here that I discovered my deep connection and destiny with astrology.  From this awakening experience, I passionately began my studies.  From the start, I desired to learn the deepest soul perspective of astrology I could find – sensing the depth of the wisdom within astrology, and the inherent quality of being able to reveal the deep heart and soul of a person.

I was first led to Kerala, India where I studied with Vedic Astrologer and Author, Komilla Sutton.  And then again, I met with her in England, for an intensive on Rahu and Ketu – the Dragon’s Head and Tail: the North and South Node’s of the Moon. Here we dove into the deep mysteries of the soul’s journey through many lives, and our destiny’s calling.

Discovering how miraculous a birth-chart is, as it can answer the most profound questions like: “Where am I coming from?” and “What is my purpose in this life?”,  “What has been my soul’s focus, and what is my soul’s evolutionary intention in this life?”

Soon after, I discovered two of my greatest astrology and life teachers:  Jeffery Wolf Green and Steven Forrest – two of the great pioneers of Evolutionary Astrology.  I began apprenticing under both of them simultaneously for the next many years.  I have also been fortunate to have apprenticed with Astrologer – Maurice Fernandez.

My connection with Astrology has been a daily practice for almost two decades now, and I believe really I have just picked up where I had left off…

Astrology is an ever-expanding path, once embarked upon can lead into profoundly revelatory places of Cosmic Awareness, cycles of timelessness, and the rhythms of life…


So much gratitude for all of the many blessings and joyful moments within this miraculous life journey.  May we all know the deepest of love and happiness!

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  1. Vikara (Jessica) is a wonderful person! Her readings are profound and reach the depths of our soul. I learned so much about my life, about my path, and it helped me see what steps to take regarding important decisions I had to make. I would certainly recommend her work as a bridge into understanding more about oneself and as an aid to our spiritual growth. Besides her work, she is a caring, loving person and a joy to speak to!

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